Etienne Gagne — E.T. For Nothing

Videos & Words by Zach Baker

Making this only sucked when we took it seriously. I mean, I guess we took it as seriously as the devices, times, and quality of filmer called for. We were in New York, it was shitty out, and the best thing to do in the winter here is hang out in warm dark bars with the windows all foggy.

We couldn’t do that.

We hung out in some social distance huts a couple times. Don’t know if you’ve had the chance to eat a tuna melt with a knife and fork inside of a fort / snowbank with mittens on and numb toes in the dark at 4:45 in the afternoon — but it sucks ass. Our routine was drive around and skate horseshit when there wasn’t snow on the ground. Then, we’d usually get takeout, and eat it in the car, then sit in the parked car drinking beer for sometimes really long times.

It is important to make your own joy. This whole thing was really just that. I’m not going to say that it has helped me and E.T. keep our sanity, for you’ll find that the artifact I presently lay before you is clearly and undoubtedly shit-for-brainéd. But I will say that we had a fuckload of fun… a whole goddamned barnload of shit-eatin’ sick-ass fuckin’ good times. That’s what skateboarding’s all about, baby.

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  1. that last line of million-mile-an-hour flatground tricks rules so hard and was filmed perfectly

  2. Is that Omar Hassan in the background? If so does 2021 represent his biggest year of non-skatepark clips, ever?

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