Weekend Viewing: ‘Baker 2k’

Nothing like 5 P.M. on a Friday in mid-December to post something new ♥

To cap the year off, Zach Baker put the finishing touches on Baker 2k — a holiday film that seizes the “video magazine” format of yesteryear and primps it up for our frazzled social media brains.

In a series of vignettes, we get the remaining morsels of pre-pandemic European skateboard travel, parts from Dallas Todd + Emilio, Antonio third-eye-open over the Flushing grate, a portrait of the Museum of Natural History as it returned to skateboard prominence, and a check-in on Staten Island’s ABC ledges nearly two decades after they have receded from skateboard prominence.

Dustin Henry shows up early with what is quite frankly an iconic slice of skateboard choreography.

I asked Zach if he wanted to “write a thing” about his year-long project…

“Nope. Grateful to anyone who watches the whole thing.”


  1. Masterful work by Mr. Baker. The feel-good, relatable skating compendium we needed to bookmark a horrible year. Also loved seeing KT skating 11s.

  2. I like the narrative cuts, and solid EST edit vibes. Fav trick was ETs shorts and also the manual rocket power thing in the dark at zuccoti

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