Alltimers’ ‘E.T. & Dustin’ Video Is Now Live

Thrasher just posted up the first fullish Alltimers video in a minute — yes, a part’s worth of footage from two skaters, plus a bunch of cameos is fullish by 2021 standards. It bounces back and forth between Europe, both coasts, and clips from extended stays at home, stringing together the old world of travel-friendly skateboarding with today’s for one last hurrah: “Remember when it was like this?”

For those of us who have been around for a bit, it’s tempting to think of imprints like Alltimers, Quasi, et al. as “new” companies (it feels like just yesterday that it was pickle time…), as the brand boom from the first half of the 2010s still feels like a not-yet-faded memory. But with many of them soon nearing ten years of operation, you can already see generational shifts in the rosters and roles with each new video. Dustin — perhaps once having broken the record for most sponsors in the shortest period of time — is now the face of the brand. E.T. is leaps past that Barcelona trip where it rained for ten days straight, and he was basically the only one to get footage.

A heartwarming video if there ever was one ♥ Shout out to Whitney.


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