8 Hours ‘Til Boca

This rules: Jenkem and Quell Skateboarding have an article that chronicles the history of Rookie Skateboards, the very ahead-of-its-time New York brand that began in the 1990s.

The Post profiled Alexis Sablone.

The crew behind The Upper West Side Curb Club is holding a contest at the Riverside Park curb this Saturday, July 10. Video teaser here.

People in Boston are really good at skateboarding. You already knew that, but sometimes the reminders are just like, wow, yeah, fuck. Tim Savage’s full-length Boston scene video, Grace, went live last week. Features incredible parts from Will Mazzari, Brian Reid, and others. Shout out to that lady who bought everyone coffees. In an age where there’s a surplus of angst and confrontations with concerned citizens n’ shit, it’s really nice to see someone who’s the exact opposite of that make it into a video. What a plot twist ♥

Jersey parking lots, the Hamilton Park pyramid, and holy shit @ that hydrant kickflip: here is eight minutes of largely unseen footage from Mike and Quim Cardona.

“The whole plan didn’t work out as we planned, and then the surf TM for the Arnette guys got in a massive fist fight in the van with our filmer” is the funniest sentence in a skateboard article in a long time. Village Psychic correspondent Ian Browning spoke to Pontus Alv about the in’s and out’s of team management.

Skate Jawn uploaded Jawn’s Vid, their multi scene-spanning video for the year. Includes a New York section by Cooper Winterson right at the middle.

Free interviewed young father-to-be and all-around goat of a human, Hugo Boserup, about making that Europe-to-California move work.

“Is this what it’s like to skate at a mere 50 kilometers from the demilitarized zone? For skaters in South Korea, the North’s provocations have been a part of their daily lives for years.” Only just started this, but Dr. Sander Hölsgens is offering up his new book, Skateboarding in Seoul: A Sensory Ethnography, as a free PDF.

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Do you just post everything on Instagram the minute after you land it?”
Kevin Tierney: “Look man, I’ve broke my leg, I’ve broke my knee. If I land something — I’m posting the shit.”