Live Every Day Like It’s Chuck’s Birthday

It’s sold out everywhere, but just another nod to how great the Brandon Turner guest board for Carpet Company is. 10/10 to everyone involved.

Thanks to everybody who grabbed something from the webstore last week ♥ Should be caught up on shipping in the next few days. Available at shops worldwide now. If you came looking for XLs after the relaunch and it was coming up sold out, check back now. Restocked a bunch of styles in XL. (Will do 2XL on the next release for everyone who has been asking, yes.)

Last week, the New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously to remove and relocate the Roosevelt statue in front of the Museum of Natural History. There are renderings available that propose fully flattening the chains + pedestal section of the plaza skate spot, but there has been no formal decision on the design once the statue is gone — with people saying they should rethink the pedestal space (A.K.A. the #perfectlearningheight ledge that everyone loves) rather than just leveling where it once stood.

Here is a Google Map that tracks all of T.J’s covers, photos, and clips throughout New York. “Where were you at 22?”

Heavy “Verso” vibes: Joey O’Brien and Chris Mulhern dropped a tour de force, nine-minute Philly part that’ll make you yell at the screen in shock at least four times. Definitely got taken out of the matrix for a sec when that Love clip flashed across the screen.

A couple of New York clips in Evon Martinez’s Thrasher part besides the wild front board switch 5050 wizardry from last week’s Top 10.

“Who from the OG Girl/Chocolate camp was still peaking after Mouse besides Koston and Carroll? Here in 1999 is Richard Mulder, bass turned way too high, missing no steps since ‘Nautilus.'” Boil the Ocean continues its “Summertime Mixtape” series by drawing the line from Richard Mulder to Brian Wenning.

Let’s round it out with a solid batch of interviews…

“It’s cool to see how their mind changes as people get older. I think that’s why peoples’ careers are lasting longer.” Justin Henry is wise beyond his years in his Jenkem interview.

Between the solid videos from éS + Element last week, Penny “returning home” and all that, it only makes sense that Kareem Campbell would be hinting at a City Stars reboot next ;) Read his great new interview with VHS Mag.

Monster Children spoke to Brian Anderson and Paulgar about B.A’s new part.

Quote of the Week: “We’re idiots, not assholes.” — Jason Lecras

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