#QSTOP10 — June 25, 2021

Didn’t think the countdown would be pointing anybody in the direction of a good-looking — er, um, switch inward bigspin heelflip today, but here we are.

This is a week with a great éS video, and a great Element video. Had to check the year real quick ;)

Asked someone qualified to speak on the matter if the Aaron Loreth skatepark was just the west coast version of Zered Park, and the answer was an emphatic, “Not even close. It’s way worse.”

Original Clips:


Intro via @luciengenand via IG [link]
10) Marek Zaprazny via Hélas’ “Hôtel de Ville” video [link]
9) Enrique Lorenzo via éS’ “Terminal 001” video [link]
8) Aaron Loreth via IG [link]
7) Kevin White via “GLOBETROTTER” part [link]
6) Evon Martinez via “Russian Spy” part [link]
5) Eetu Toropainen via Element’s “E.S.P.” video [link]
4) Vinicius Costa via Element’s “E.S.P.” video [link]
3) Giorgi Balkhamishvili via Flytecc’s “Board Promo” video [link]
2) Ike Fromme via Flytecc’s “Board Promo” video [link]
1) Chris Athans via Loophole Wheels’ New Doors Have Opened video [link]


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  1. i thought Giorgi Balkhamishvili’s anem was actually giorgi armani and now i feel stupid dummy

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