‘Let’s Talk After the Summer’

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Tyshawn. Switch ollie. Metal traffic barricade. Wow.

Pushing Against Racism is an initiative launched by the Good Push Alliance along with a dozen other social skateboard organizations to promote a commitment against racism within the skate community and beyond. Skateism also has a full feature about it if you’d like to learn more ♥

DREWWWWWW was on the “Angel & Z” podcast chatting about skating n’ things for an hour.

Ok, this might legitimately be the largest slate of locally-filmed videos to make it on one of these link round-ups in a long time, so let’s get to it…

“FOR G” by Jordan Miller is an 11-minute video of dudes based out of Washington Heights, skating around pretty much everywhere. A lot of new faces, and good energy through the whole video — excited for whatever may come next.

“INSIDE JOB” is the latest from Eryk Burton, which is already a level up from his last one. Fire Dougie clips at the start, great pre-summer vibe, and they all went off on that John Jay Philly step.

“How To Overcome Pain” by Neema Joorabchi will have you missing those ledges that got knobbed by the Seaport. Some great Jasper Stieve footy, more people going off on the Joe’s Pizza Park circle, and an unlocked level at the Battery Park rock-wall bank.

“Vlog #3” from Josh Paynter — these videos feel of the same spirit as the early Johnny Wilson video blogs from the Space Heater days. Between the wide net of different skaters who you mostly have never seen before, and the all-city approach to spots, they’re some of the funnest young vids going today.

Thomas Del Carpio’s part in Shit4Brainz’s 4 x 4 video is full of cutty Brooklyn crust and diamond-plate rollaways.

A bunch of dudes out of Buenos Aires shredding pre-COVID New York in “Bonyata.” Smiled at their affinity for mid-90s Bad Boy #musicsupervision, and how much they love the [now defunct] Philly step on behind Pearl Paint. Last dude’s part is fire.

Patrick O’Dell profiled Cher Strauberry for Vans.

The Orchard blog continues its “Pin Drop” series profiling Boston spots, this time of the J.F.K. Fountain with Lee Berman.

A little spring footage dump from Moms Skateshop out of Buffalo.

Quote of the Week: “It’s not that it’s bad, but that being said, it’s definitely the worst drink I’ve ever had.” — James Flames