‘The Tale of a Toxic King’ — The Latest Video From Eryk Burton

Just before the weekend, Eryk Burton dropped his first edit since last spring’s “INSIDE JOB.”

“The Tale of a Toxic King” borders on 2022 full-length territory, and features much of the same dudes from the last go-around + a section dedicated dedicated to Soho’s hottest club (the curbs), another one dedicated to Pitt Pool (and the never-ending saga of trying to break that cement in), plus a closer part from Kentaro Powell, who would pop up with a standout clip in some of Naquan’s older edits, but never had this much footage at once til now.

Don’t be a litterbug ;)

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‘Let’s Talk After the Summer’

Photographer Ben Colen and his family need our help. Please donate if you have the means.

Tyshawn. Switch ollie. Metal traffic barricade. Wow.

Pushing Against Racism is an initiative launched by the Good Push Alliance along with a dozen other social skateboard organizations to promote a commitment against racism within the skate community and beyond. Skateism also has a full feature about it if you’d like to learn more ♥

DREWWWWWW was on the “Angel & Z” podcast chatting about skating n’ things for an hour.

Ok, this might legitimately be the largest slate of locally-filmed videos to make it on one of these link round-ups in a long time, so let’s get to it…

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Like Whoa

Send Za” is the latest New York edit from videographer Eryk Burton. Ender nollie heel at the new spot everyone’s been getting yelled at is wild.

“I always liked no complies, even when they weren’t cool.” Love these — “Watching Jerry Fowler with Jerry Fowler” is the latest in Village Psychic’s “Watching” series, and it’s about his Continuum part. Glad that he likes it, because it rules ♥ Doing one of these with Jahmal about his section would be just as rad :)

The union bosses at Hit You Off Management re-saturated and remixed some of Dick Rizzo’s Grand Prairie clips.

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