Like Whoa

Send Za” is the latest New York edit from videographer Eryk Burton. Ender nollie heel at the new spot everyone’s been getting yelled at is wild.

“I always liked no complies, even when they weren’t cool.” Love these — “Watching Jerry Fowler with Jerry Fowler” is the latest in Village Psychic’s “Watching” series, and it’s about his Continuum part. Glad that he likes it, because it rules ♥ Doing one of these with Jahmal about his section would be just as rad :)

The union bosses at Hit You Off Management re-saturated and remixed some of Dick Rizzo’s Grand Prairie clips.

The Skate Muzik podcast out of Milan has a new episode dedicated to the soundtracks of Johnny Wilson videos.

“Is the credit section ‘back’ or is this the last, massive nail of tribute to seal its casket forevermore?” Boil the Ocean traces the role of the credits section in skate videos in light of Quasi’s latest.

…and also from the Traditional Blog Dimension™, The Warm-Up Zone considers the shape of team videos today, given that board and shoe company team pages have started to look like wheel sponsor rosters.

Naquan Rollings put together a quick #spotcheck edit of the new Tenant box at T.F. on his IGTV.

A #TBT on a Monday: An all-DMX New York edit from 2010,via the crew that would become Canal. Seeing Lenox fresh before the high-rise got built is always wild.

Missed this one a few weeks back, but Pocket skate mag tracked down the man behind the What Pants Are Those IG account for an interview about the fabrics that grace our legs, and how Silvertabs are the new cryptocurrency.

K. White is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Not much out there as contagiously fun as Gronze videos. Their new raw footy “11th of the Month” edit is bound to put a smile on your face, and make you yearn for a skate trip. Do you yearn?

The Broth collective out of New Orleans went HD :)

As always, it’s a pleasure to see footage from a scene that you know next to nothing about: Dawson Eldorado’s “Help Wanted” part shows you what it’s like to get it in Nebraska. Via Skate Jawn. (We have an account in Nebraska!)

Quote of the Week
Washington Square Park Marijuana Entrepreneur: “Are you ready?”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “What?”
Washington Square Park Marijuana Entrepreneur: “I said, are you ready?”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “…what?”
Washington Square Park Marijuana Entrepreneur: “Are you ready …for THAT GREEN?”

The crossroad of Photosynthesis and the post-Biggie Bad Boy Records catalog, via Black Rob’s “Like Whoa” in Kalis’ part, has to be one of the most left-field song choices in the Alien Workshop oeuvre. But it came out iconic. Rest in Peace Black Rob.