In The Crib Watching Larry King Live

A late night pandemic savior. Photo by Zach Baker.

Though it’s far from the most #trending skate spot these days, a plan for the renovation and expansion of Union Square was unveiled last week. Just give us a couple République-style planters in the back, don’t kick us out of them, and the city can keep the next two skateparks they were gonna build. Thanks!

Good vibes in this one: “Vlog #1” via Josh Paynter, featuring all winter footy around the city. Footage can never do justice to that backside noseblunt at the L.I.C. D.I.Y. — that one was wild. Bed frame and subway clips are a hoot too :)

We’re living in a high-flying golden age of Instagram compilations on YouTube: Brandon Scott A.K.A. NevaSkimp, Sage Elsesser + Kevin Bilyeu, all just this past week.

4Ply Mag ran the numbers on Andrew Allen’s videography, tracking down everything from the percentage of footage at L.A. High to how many tricks he did in flannels, and then got ahold of him for some commentary on the findings. He concludes with some obvious, but oft-neglected advice for any negative Nancys you may have in your life: “Everything’s gonna suck if you just fuckin’, you know, if you make it suck.”

Abada interviewed Anomaly magazine founder Kevin Horn about working in “the off-off-Broadway media of skating,” and stickers as conversation-starters for Village Psychic. Always surprising when the first question to someone running a modern print publication isn’t “Wtf are you thinking?” Jk jk ;) …sort of! ♥

Frank Gerwer has a convo with Mike Carroll for the latest Thrasher radio.

Stephán Lewis made a quick mini Keith Hardy part.

ICYMI: Politic dropped a new edit called “Free Transmission,” which begins with some Japhey Dow clips (his Heirloom part was a QS office favorite last year), and wraps with some 10/10 Brian Powderly lines.

Celine skate team! Nah, but Celine is a new video out of Pittsburgh, and it’s great.

There’s a warm nostalgic comfort to hearing Gang Starr in a 2021 skate edit

Boil the Ocean offers up some thoughts on Jim Greco’s “Glass Carousel” part from last month.

Quote of the Week: “You know it’s a good piss spot when somebody’s already taken a shit there.” — Antonio Durao

R.I.P. Larry.

P.S. Thinking the QS Sports Desk will make a return after All-Star…


  1. has quartersnacks ever considered running a kickstarter to crowdfund a DIY? I’m sure the readership here has (or could garner) 100+ skaters willing to donate 5-10$ each toward some nice boxes/ledges @ TF or something

  2. Im sure this gets said a lot but watching Brandon Nevaskimp makes skating look fun and easy – major Kalis/Shanahan vibes

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