Deep Breath

In a shocking turn of events, there is currently a New York City Council Proposal to expedite a restoration of the Small Banks and the adjacent basketball courts into an active public space. Leave a comment to show your support.

An eight-minute Jahmir Brown Instagram loosies comp.

A four-minute Carl Aikens IG loosies comp (pretty much all city footy.)

Polar videographer Tor Ström has an incredible new edit out entitled, “Until Then.” Filmed in Malmö, Copenhagen and Portland, Oregon (funny how those places half-a-world apart feel so spiritually connected by terrain, D.I.Ys and weather.) Features much of the Polar extended family.

There are a couple stopovers in New York throughout the raw files from Fabiana Delfino’s part in Santa Cruz’s Til the End Volume 2 video.

Village Psychic gives the standalone treatment to James Sayres’ awesome opener in Traffic’s Third Shift video from late last year, and has some supplementary words about the difficulty of editing to hardcore.

Some stray city clips in the Duplex 2 video out of Florida, including a N.B.D. ender at the Courthouse (…right? Who can even keep track anymore.)

Everybody wants to debate pants, but here’s the frontrunner for the best sweaters in a video part award for 2021: Olli Lilja’s “GUCC1T_” part out of Finland.

NPR did a story about Thrasher‘s endurance as a print magazine. Imagine the sell-through if this was a merch collab though…

100,000 views later: Gino does a switch back tail at the Newtown Creek D.I.Y. spot alert.

The Broth crew out of New Orleans did a quick trip to Atlanta.

With James Harden now on the Brooklyn basketball team, it might be a good time to revisit this iconic feat of sports analytics that correlates his away-game performance against the quality of strip clubs in that respective city. Long story short: it’s a good thing he didn’t get traded to the Hawks or Heat. (P.S. QS Sports Desk Play of the Week is still on sabbatical. It’s been tough to adjust to this seemingly non-existent break between seasons, so recent attention paid to NBA games has been minimal.)

Quote of the Week
Zach: “Yeah, he’s sick.”
Pad: “…is he?”
Zach: “I mean…I wouldn’t want him in my house.”
(This is maybe a more of a “you had to be there” than usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


  1. Long term Portland resident here. Having spent time in Copenhagen and Malmo, I can confidently say that those cities are 300% better for skateboarding/cycling/living than Portland. Nearly every single street ledge is skatestopped in Portland. DIYs get demolished almost immediately. There’s needles and tweakers everywhere. Chuds in big trucks coal roll you on your bike or even walking.

    Weather is perhaps similar, though. Alcohol is cheaper and weed is legal/better quality in Portland. Still, I’d rather be in Copenhagen/Scandanivia ANY day. Am hoping to move there in a few years if possible, as my window for street skating is quickly closing as a 40 yo.

  2. why would anyone ever build or skate a DIY spot? #pleebs #getsponsored

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