So Icy

November 20th from here on out should be Brandon Turner Day.

There is no chance that you haven’t caught this already, right? Naquan Rollings’ “BUSS” video for Thrasher went live last week. This, “Rerock,” Kill Bill,” and “Pre-Roll” are the de facto box set of 2020 edits that we’ll look back on for a snapshot of New York skateboarding in this year.

Village Psychic was inspired by skier style (yes, skiers are as big fashion of nerds as we are, though they’re a bit more “official” about it) to consider the ideal skate outfit. Illustrations by Abada ♥

Which one of you has a foot fetish and hooked up with a writer from Vogue this past May? S/O for being responsible and getting a COVID test beforehand.

Just in time for Stroud season: a new edit from Parking Lot Music, filmed mostly in Brooklyn with a bit of New England footage.

Jenkem has an amazing feature with Jacob Harris about the Easter Eggs and nods to Atlantic Drift lore in Tom Knox’s latest part. That line they talk about actually stood out so much on the first viewing of the part — because it was like, “is he still doing the same line?” To learn its significance made it that much more special. There should honestly be a formal videographer accolade around S.O.T.Y. the same way that Oscar winners will often split Best Picture and Best Director.

Josh Kalis interviewed John Shanahan for Thrasher on the occasion of his new DC part. That C-Benches trick is so wild.

“Skateboarding has long nursed conflicted feelings toward effort.” Boil the Ocean considers Mason Silva’s 2020 through the lens of an old Bob Bunquist interview. (It’ll make sense when you read it.) This Mason meme was #lol.

“The video doesn’t try too hard, but it tries just hard enough.” …aanndd right on queue ;) The Warm-Up Zone has some words on the Tom Knox part.

Tony Ellis has a welcome part for Coda. Loved the quick shove off the platform at Sombrero :)

Parade also spoke to Lucas Puig last week.

The New York Times has a piece on how we have reached the point of no return on skateparks being a cornerstone of modern cities — framed in the context of Jersey City’s first-ever park (the mayor said they’d build more!), and the new ones that popped up in Brooklyn and Rockaway this year.

As per Twitter intel, the ledge at BAM has been re-knobbed.

Quote of the Week: “So I wore Krew denim. Sue me.” — Keith Denley

One of the best smiles of 2020 ♥