‘PRE-ROLL’ — A New Edit From Naquan Rollings

The skateparks are closed, there are barely any people on the streets, Black Business just celebrated its first birthday, and today, Naquan Rollings uploaded a new edit, “Pre-Roll.”

Between its beginning in L.A. at the time of Kobe’s death, and a second half in New York as quarantine was beginning to take hold — there’s something particular in the way this video manages to discreetly capture the this surreal clusterfuck of a year (or third-of-a-year, fuck.) Videos with these dudes always have this special feel because you see a crew in the background doing crowd control on the rollaways, but now the sidewalks here are just …empty.

Features Allan Potter, Lucien Palojec, Jaime Foy, Mark Selk, Erik Rivera, Carl Aikens, Almightywulf, Christian Henry, Dayday, Nolan Zangas, Brandon Holley, Brandon James and Erik Herrera.


  1. Enjoyed the video, good music, skating, spots. Can people please, please, please stop trying to film all zoomed in like strobeck? You can barely tell what obstacle is being skated half the time.

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