Gang Corp’s ‘Black Business’ Video Is Now Live

Half a day late on this one — Gang Corp just posted up their new video, Black Business. And from now on, anybody who doesn’t have a mosh pit to “Sold Out Dates” at the center of their premiere an hour before the video even plays should feel like they did something wrong.

When so much New York skate footage takes place deep in outer boroughs and at safe spots people got “carted” to, there’s nothing like a video that’s 80% filmed in midtown and the Financial District (with twenty people in the background of every rollaway) to make the last “everything’s a bust!”-conversation you had feel extra stupid. What group of skaters — locals and tourists alike — would even think to pull up in front of a Tr*mp building in 2019, pretend security doesn’t exist, and line up a dozen people on each side of the landing to session a seldom-skated handrail? The Gang Corp videos are special in that they encapsulate the feeling of invincibility your childhood skate crew gives when operating at full capacity, when no spot or trick isn’t worth a shot because your entire support system is right there with you ♥

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