‘Kill Bill’ — A New Summer Edit From Naquan Rollings

Easiest way to post a cast list :)

Sort of like the intro to that Jenkem feature about the past few months — if you haven’t been in New York during this time, the news would have you thinking the city is some wild deathtrap.

But it’s not.

Yes, people are hurting, but our case numbers have been declining, unlike much of the U.S. Throughout this whole shit, people have been living, people have been taking the train. Some have been working, a lot have been skating. Everyone has been taking advantage of a city with no tourists and no college students. Some typically high-bust spots have already gone through the full arc of becoming lockdown-era free-for-alls back to twenty-second kick-outs. (Others might as well be autonomous zones with their own governments.)

We’ve already joked amongst ourselves about skate tourism picking back up in coming years, and visitors asking about spots that we’ll probably only ever be able to hit in this current window. It’s safe to say you’ll be able to use context clues to bring clips back to this time, but there hasn’t been an overwhelming amount of video output from 2020 New York. At least not yet.

That is, besides Naquan’s clips, which feel like of-the-moment pulse checks from a skate videographer’s perspective. While “Pre-Roll” came from those moments when the city was first shutting down and home to the world’s highest COVID-19 infection rate, “Kill Bill” captures it at a hobbled crawl as it began to reopen, protests against police violence broke out in every borough, and skaters still had the basketball court spots to themselves because the city hadn’t yet returned the hoops to the backboards.

If you have not been here and want to know what it’s like, this is pretty much it.



  1. much respect and love to naquan and the new new gen of skate filmmakers but i am counting the fucking days til bill’s influence begans to fade and they get entirely on their own stee

  2. Maybe it’s the weed but I figured “Kill Bill” was in reference to DeBlasio by way of Uma Thurman?

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