Same City, Same Friends, Just Skating

Tompkins Square Beach

“Making edits for no apparent reason” is perpetually on the list of QS office initiatives in need of a reboot. (There are probably people who began skating after “Start of Summer” edits ceased circulation who are already pro.) With so many who came of age staring at Instagram being familiar with QS because of Top 10, we must remind them that poorly filmed, sometimes-good-but-often-just-okay skate clips have been the bread and butter of this media enterprise since the days when waxing a ledge in front of your elders earned you a slap upside the fucking head with an insistence that you “just go faster.”

Anyway, here are some bits and pieces from the summer that weren’t due to go anywhere else. Short and sweet. Gonna *try* and make these a habit.

Features Antonio Durao, Connor Champion, Emilio Cuilan, S.P, K.T, E.T :)

‘REROCK’ — A New One From Naquan Rollings

Skateboard videos are fairytales: a solitary skater or chosen crew plus filmer, showcasing the fruits of their labor within a rotation of backdrops. If a pedestrian, security guard or lurker is particularly memorable, they’re sometimes allowed inside of the tale for an interlude. But otherwise, every skate video is its own bubble, cordoned off from any factors that might impede the illusion that skateboarding is the only thing that exists.

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