Gucci Bucket Hat

The only constant is change or some shit like that ;)

So much nineties New York footage on the #repost circuit is us re-mining R.B. Umali’s amazing archive over and over that it’s a shock to see something from then that you haven’t seen before. Alex Corporan started going through all his old tapes, and put together a montage as a preview for a Revisted-esque project he’s working on.

Grand Collection has a short commercial with Connor Champion on the occasion of their Umbro collaboration — loosely inspired by the DC Kalis commercial that played on TV twenty years ago. (Filmed in New York! Not Philly!)

Bronze56k has a new mix up on Soundcloud.

Jake Kuzyk made a smile-inducing montage from Vancouver with a bunch of the Alltimers dudes.

Fleeting embers of the summer in “BRICK,” a New York edit by Stephan Singh.

Paradeworld has a piece about how skate podcasts in 2020 occupy a similar space to ‘zines of the 80s + 90s.

Have long contended that Justin Brock is one of the most entertaining pros to watch skate IRL because he quite literally tries to stick every single try. The subhead of his Bunt interview follows that theme.

Love a skate trip where the level of productivity is this high. Trust, they’re rare. Canal uploaded an extended cut of their Puerto Rico trip edit that went live on Thrasher two weeks back.

Aaron Herrington was on Lee Smith’s Mission Statement podcast for a long conversation.

Skatelier wrote about the charm of Aidan Mackey’s dinosaur patch pants from Dancing on Thin Ice “despite his access to an endless stream of free Supreme gear.”

“No matter how good you skate and how much charisma you exude, people’s memories of the brand are locked into some golden years and golden teams of the rose colored past.” The Warm Up Zone has some words about Flip and new teamriders inheriting the mythology of the companies they skate for.

Always enjoy reading what Ryan Lay has to say: he has a new interview up on Skateism + recommended a book/movie/skate video/album to Slam City Skates for their “Offerings” series.

Boil the Ocean pontificates on the stature of the curved metal A.V.E. bench in the canon of skate artifacts.

Quote of the Week: “We watched Pineapple Express and half of Sister Act and then that fucking punk stole my lighter.” — Josh Velez

Happy belated 10/17 to you and your loved ones.