Sea Change

Photo by Marcel Veldman

It has been really rad seeing so many skaters from different crews and generations out at the protests, so Jenkem put together a helpful guide on how to safely attend one. And a lot of people have been asking about where to go for info on meeting points: follow @justiceforgeorgenyc on Instagram, as they have a round-up of all protests and related events available the night before. Special shout to all the skate family out there distributing supply packs, you know who you are ♥

The Black List is a continually updated list of active black-owned skateboard companies, and links on how to support each one, curated by Patrick Kigongo (ColonelKSpeaks for all the Twitter people.) The Mostly Skateboarding dudes got Kigongo on their podcast this week, and Anthony Pappalardo the Writer also got some words from him on the origins of the project.

There’s a nerdy obsession on QS about stringing two spots together in the same line, and Carl Aikens shattered all expectations, records, distance covered, etc. with this one from the red cube building benches, to Zuccotti, to …well, you’ll see. The whole line is mega satisfying to watch.

“Lukoda,” is a new eight-minute montage from Bronze promoting their collaboration with DC. Features Will Marshall, Jahmir Brown, Brandon James and Billy McFeely (!) Brandon James A.K.A. NevaSkimp also posted up a couple bonus lines on IG.

The Face has the first bit of press on All The Streets Are Silent, Jeremy Elkin’s upcoming documentary about “the moment skateboarding and hip-hop started to collide.” Includes never-before-seen photos and a quick interview.

“He was ollieing over a Converse Chuck Taylor shoebox, on its end. It’s not big, it’s almost like a Jenga piece, but he stood it up vertically and he ollied over it on his Hosoi Hammerhead, which did not have the best tail for popping ollies, but he was ollieing a fuckin’ shoebox in 1984, 1985. It was completely mind-blowing.” Slam has a new Jeff Pang interview that’s over an hour-long read, but full of nostalgic gold and history.

The Cafe Creme Blog spoke to a QS-favorite, Jordan Trahan, about Louisiana inspirations, mental health, traveling, and all the rest.

Skate Jawn has a quick catch-up interview with Giovanni Reda.

A three-minute MVP(s) remix from the world’s best skate spot.

Quote of the Week
Alex Dymond: “Can you put together that Illustrator file for me?”
Collaborator: “I’ll do it tomorrow when it’s raining.”
Alex Dymond: “Oh, so this is what dating a skater must be like.”

Rory recomended this one in his recent Slam City Skates interview. Just getting around to it now, and it’s a real trip.

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  1. Yoooo every clip Carl puts out is straight fire and that Fidi line will go time as an all-timer (also s/o Naquan who manualed the entire Zuccotti block)

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