For Days

Thanks to everyone who came through Uncle Leroy’s Sidewalk Sale yesterday ♥ Will keep you updated on if there’s another one coming up.

“You just got to find nice people you love and hold the fuck onto them.” Grosso’s final episode of Love Letters To Skateboarding is a beautiful salute to the LGBTQ+ skate community.

Not much you haven’t heard by now, but it makes a particular impression with the overhead shots of skateparks in the city that have sat empty for months now: a twelve-minute look at how COVID-19 has affected the skate industry in New York, and in many ways, made the act of street skateboarding come full circle to an approach that existed before the skateparks were built everywhere.

Naquan Rollings has a new street edit from a New York engulfed in protest and pandemic.

Here’s a new six-minute Vincent Touzery IG comp from a YouTube user who has made two others in the past.

…aanndd The Cafe Creme blog has a remix of Jordan Trahan footage from the past few New Balance, Bronze et al. projects.

Brian Anderson recommends a book, a skate video and an album for Slam City Skates’ “Isolation Station” feature, while also giving an update on his whereabouts in 2020. Can thoroughly second his recommendation of Luc Sante’s Low Life, which has at least partially inspired how the minutiae about skate spots is written on QS ;)

A skate story that you don’t hear told often: Jenkem with a sick interview on how skateboarding seeped through the Iron Curtain and into the Soviet Union, with the man who put himself to task of preserving this history.

There’s really something in the water (wine?) in Spain — imagine being in your mid-40s, skating marble ledges in what looks like the middle of the wilderness wearing some khakis and a dress shirt, and making it look this good?

Related: The footage might be Spanish, but “Yo u want a coffee?” is an understood love language between skateboarders all throughout the world.

Dew Stacks, Miami fam, and Yo Sawada behind the lens in the edit for Reebok’s new collaborative sneaker with Sneeze magazine.

The coronavirus outbreak cut off what would’ve been high season for skateboarding’s annual tradition of Puerto Rican getaways, but the Huf team made it there before quarantines kicked into place, and just shared the raw files from their trip.

Genesis Evans has a new video for his song, “Amadou.”

The Bunt guys sit down with Olympic skateboard coach, Kenny Reed.

Quote of the Week: “I only cook on high.” — Johnny Wilson re: stovetops


  1. “Cooking on High” is a culinary competition series that has a specific element that distinguishes it from other shows in the genre. That distinguishing factor is that each recipe prepared on the show must contain cannabis, and enough of the drug to get the judges high

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