Demand Justice

Pic via Gothamist

See everyone at One Police Plaza at 1 P.M. tomorrow, June 2. Flyer here.

It’s a strange time in our history to be solely concerned with skateboarding, so NY Mag has a running feature on how you can help support the fight against police brutality in America, which includes a list of organizations you can donate to if you have some spare coins. They provide context one what each one does, and you can choose what speaks the most to your heart. A lot have received overwhelming amounts of contributions, and are asking that donations now be directed elsewhere: the civil rights page on Charity Navigator is another helpful resource to find one.

We have donated to Campaign Zero, which advocates for the policy goals of Black Lives Matter to end police violence in America. You can read about their mission here.

So, um, skate content…

Despite having known him for many years at this point, it’s tough to think of Zered as someone who has given a lot of interviews in his now two-plus decades in the skate industry. Skateboard Story has a new one with him that is a stripped back portrait of the hustle that is the ups and downs of *working* as a professional skateboarder.

The New York Times has a feature about the unprecedented feeling of skateboarding in a city hollowed out by the pandemic, with many familiar faces.

A classic Max Palmer spot sighting (guess which hehe), and a plot-twist of a switch flip (*insert “they had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie” meme*) in the enjoyable “Parking Lot Music — Video Installation 2” montage. The last one is worth a revisit, too.

With a moratorium on long-distance travel for the foreseeable future, Upstate New York will no-doubt get an uptick in skate travel once more counties move into phases two and three of re-opening. These dudes got an early jump on a trip up there, in what looks like a desolate tour of many college towns.

50% Barcelona, 50% New York in this batch of Bobby DeKeyzer raw files via Christopher Thiessen. The form on some of those flip tricks is quite literally jaw-dropping.

Credits-closer Breana Geering is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Our good friend Matteo Ricci out of Milan has been working on a video surveying the Italian scene for almost three years, and finally wrapped up editing under quarantine. “Immortali” is a 15-minute video that gives shine to a whole bunch of dudes who rip in Italy, way larger in scope than our American biases cover on QS ♥

Bronze put together another hour-long radio show that always slaps, even when you’re sober.

Steve Marino dug in his archives for all the Brooklyn Banks footy he could find. Funny how if you look at the stickers, the array of companies sponsoring grassroots skate contests has changed so much in the past ~15 years.

There’s no audio to this (which is unfortunate given it’s 90% an interview), but you can catch some clips on the Brooklyn Banks in 1989 via this public access TV segment on Skate N.Y.C.

Quote of the Week
Troy: “What’s up with you and those skate shorties?”
Meatball: “Yoooo, they’re not even skate shorties…”
Troy: “They were hanging out at Bond Street Gap. They’re definitely skate shorties.”


  1. shouts to the guy who said to check people for saying “fuck 12” a while back. hope you feel really great about that stance now bud

  2. i stand by my comment. skaters have benefited From unprecedented municipal cooperation in the last decade. LES among countless other skateparks, TF getting saved and now the brooklyn banks among future projects sure to come. skaters are too smart and talented to let themselves act like junkies and yell at cops cause thats what mob justice demands. Or to listen to dumbass college professors who never worked a day in their life lecture about white supremacy. Is all that concrete poured based on the scales of inequality? Is all that design consulting done by Steve R based in systematic oppression? Skaters are mad smart and talented, and a mad vibrant and creative community of true diversity. The community should foster positive relationships with the city

    George Floyd was murdered by a scumbag. Everyone should protest, loudly. In honor of George Floyd Amadou Diallo, etc FUCK 12! Check yourselves cops! Everyone should tell cops to fuck themselves, when Appropriate. Not one skater posted about the NASA space x launch that was the first US launch in 11 years, hosted by a black astronaut. Think that doesnt affect you? Skaters earn income off instagram/youtube and theres an entire infrastructure in space that we take for granted. Think you cant do it? Mary Jackson helped w the calculations that made the original moon missions possible… during Jim Crow. Yet rich “white” media want to put TI’s 5’2-ass gun-felon-reduced-sentence-snitch ass no-hairline-havin ass checks-his daughters-hymen ass on TV, as if he is a “leader.” Gtfoh TI is a DUMBASS. if you say “fuck 12” just cause thats what the mob thinks is cool youre no different then some white dumbass in 1950s yelling “fuck ___” cause thats what his buddies are yelling

  3. not sure what an insane white billionaire’s space fetish has to do with systematic racism and unchecked murder of innocent African Americans, but sure. pick a side. people yell fuck the police because of the things that they’ve done to innocent americans and people of color all over the country for decades, not just because of “mob mentality.” fuck ALL police officers

  4. also elon musk’s family benefited from apartheid for generations so he can go fuck himself as well

  5. As a dumbass college professor who never worked a day in his life, the “unprecedented municipal cooperation of the last decade” is: A.) precedented; B.) pales in comparison to the scope of city government in earlier eras; and C:) would be far more expansive if the NYPD did not gobble up funds that could otherwise go to social services, healthcare, housing, and, since you’re incredibly narrow-minded and seem concerned only with what effects you personally, skate parks.

    Or, to paraphrase Gil-Scot, Guy Who Said It On The Moon.

  6. Precedented? When have skaters ever worked closely with municipal officials? Never. Yes this is a skate website after all. To the larger point, which scope of city government are you pointing to? Tammany Hall? FDR? Bloomberg admin? Mayor Lindsey who let the Bronx and LES burned? Lyndon Johnson great (racist) society that stuck brown people in NYCHA? How much is NYCHA Budget? How much is NYPD budget? Sounds like something today’s college professor would write…

  7. go educate yourself and watch videos of police officers beating the shit out of peaceful protesters, media members who have shown their credentials, and children. if you’ve never had an encounter with the police that could have ended in your death than you need to shut the fuck up. i was 14 when three police officers handcuffed me and pointed their guns at me while i was lying on the ground. all members of police can fuck themselves and you can fuck yourself too for making excuses for them and the city that takes money from taxpayers to do absolutely nothing with except militarize their police force

  8. Man, I just want to point out you just put the n-word and saying “fuck 12” on equal footing. You’re sounding a bit like a Blue Lives Matter ass bitch.

  9. Go down to the 9/11 memorial and talk that shit to the souls of those who ran into burning buildings only to be buried alive in smoldering debris. Cops are humans and dehumanizing anyone is wrong. Black lives matter… very much. Peace and love

  10. @Blue Lives Matter – the only way that 9/11 has anything to do with this current issue is the subsequent militarization of our police forces under the guise of “Homeland Security”. Cops are humans, very true, but I find it hypocritical and totally missing the point to bring that up when THEY are the ones dehumanizing other people, most often black and brown people by routinely beating and killing them with impunity. Over-policing and state murder is dehumanization. If you want us to start treating them like humans they better start acting like humans. Peace and love motherfucker.

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