56 Nights In Quarantine & They Was All Crazy

Photo by @sciencecock, who also has a story about what may have been the last session at the Brooklyn Banks before the pandemic took hold of the city, and construction began to dismantle the bricks. There’s currently a petition to try and save the spot. If you have any memories of the Banks, please post them on social and tag @nyc_dot #nycdot #savebrooklynbanks so they understand this is not just some random underpass, but a landmark to tons of people who have pilgrimaged to New York for it. Also FYI: This space has nothing to do with the Parks Department, so leave them out of it :)

There is some insane shit in Doubles LTD’s “New Mess 2” video, which is a September trip to New York edit. The kickflip hippie jump at Herbert Von King and the the wall bash at the end…

Our dear friends at Seasons Skateshop have released Naima, a new full-length commemorating the shop’s ten-year anniversary. Seasons should get summer 2020 QS stuff this week, btw ♥

Always nice watching a video of people way more enthusiastic about going to the spots we otherwise complain about every time we think of where skate :) Thoroughly enjoyed “Play Time,” a 14-minute video by Chase Walker and some Texas dudes living in New York.

Jesse Alba makes the vids you’d make if you had friends.” — YouTube Commenter. Watch out for the final banger at the end!

The New York footage is at the beginning and end of Chris Thiessen’s upload of Yaje Popson raw files from around the time they would’ve been filming for Riddles in Mathematics.

…aaannnddd Theories uploaded another round of Jahmal-heavy raw files from the filming of Static IV.

Ben Kadow talks hardcore, Cooper Winterson videos and Dario Argento movies on the Slam City Skates blog.

Wade Desarmo is back on The Bunt for season 11.

Quick new part from QS office favorite, Sergio Salgado A.K.A. Wine God.

“While socially distant pros and bros sheltering in industry meccas await Amazon deliveries of iPhone tripods and annoy downstairs neighbors with IG flatground challenges, their red state counterparts increasingly are free to hoover sand from freshly emancipated skateparks, reacquaint themselves with ‘Night Prowler’ fisheye proximities and clip up.” Boil the Ocean gets wordy on what would happen if coronavirus moves the focal points of the skate industry away from the coasts.

“More than anything else, Tumblr in 2020 is a self-sustaining ecosystem. It’s a semi-sealed and increasingly fertile terrarium, a nigh-impossible perpetual-motion machine of a platform going productively psychotic in its isolation.” — On the joys of still being on Tumblr, long after it has been presumed dead.

Quote of the Week: “Nobody wanted to skate the big Banks until they couldn’t anymore.” — Jimmy McDonald

The Zoo York relaunch took a different turn, but we’re here for it ;)


  1. the past week was my first time reading anything kadow or sage have to say and my am i pleasantly surprised they are not the self important snotty kids i expected them to be based off strobecks edits. enjoyed both reads.

  2. Yea why don’t we go listen to the same mob dep album that some 59 year old has been listening to since high school right?

  3. Had to leave NYC due to covid. Bummed, because in Nov I moved to 23rd and Broadway (because proximity to Tompkins duh). Anyway, I’m paying $2100 a month for an empty apartment. Would be happy to sublease it for the remainder of the lease (say, $1750?).

    HMU brianh10025 at 9m4il dotcom

  4. this aint street easy, also what an unfortunate location (and nowhere near tompkins)

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