Summer Late Pass: Kontentwave #2

A month late seeing this July upload — but spreading the word about lesser-known corners of skateboarding is probably the entire point of still paddling against the tide in a canoe shaped like a words-based skate media outlet, no? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We met Sergio Salgado on that 2017 Barcelona trip when the entire city of New York flew out there on $350 tickets, and it rained the whole time. His nickname is Filoko, but someone on our trip lovingly gave him the moniker “Wine God,” because he skated at all hours of the day with wine in tow. Watching him skate is an experience of giddy anxiety. He seems to have minimal awareness of his surroundings while simultaneously being in control of everything that moves around whatever trick he’s doing. You’re worried while he’s trying, you’re pumped when he lands, and you’re confused about how the fuck he pulled it off while he’s powersliding down a hill to regain control on the rollaway. We’re here for skaters who give you a full spectrum of emotion ♥

He had a part for back in late 2016, which made the rounds a bit when he bluntslid on flat for half a downhill block. We haven’t been able to track down much since…until the group text went off with some good news: “New Wine God part.”

Kontentwave #2 looks like a video for a Barcelona-based wheel company, and “Kontent” is a pretty sick name for a skate brand looking to sum up the hamster wheel that we all find ourselves in each time we skate ;)

His part starts at the 1:34 mark, but the whole video is a good watch. They approach Barcelona with a San Franciscan eye, digging deep in the hilly industrial and residential zones of the city, away from many of the tourist traps that you’ve come to expect from the plethora of trip edits over the years. Video by Pablo Márquez.


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