Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 18, 2016


Life goes on this week :/ More skatepark stuff than usual, some fire lines, a bluntslide down an entire hill, etc. It’s basically going to be May outside today, so probably watch this, quit your job, and see you outside :)

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Original Clips:


10) Juan Saavedra via “Futur Timeline 03” [link] 9) Mike Carroll via Lakai at Double Rock [link] 8) Jhett Brewer via Dr. Scarecrow [link] 7) Keegan McCutchen via Instagram [link] 6) Kevin Kowalski via Cons’ “Unusual Suspects” [link] 5) Sergio Salgado via “Psycho Skate En Barcelona” [link] 4) Zered Basset via Cons’ “Unusual Suspects” [link] 3) Karl Salah via “Futur Timeline 03” [link] 2) Tyshawn Jones via Instagram [link] 1) Jerry Hsu via Made: Chapter 2 B-Sides [link]


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