April Showers

Via @lefthandande on IG

“Mired in gloom, to whom to look to for hope? A swaggering, bearded and sometimes-shirtless Frenchman beckons, modeling responsible social distancing behaviors from within a picturesque seaside flat. Lucas Puig is the COVID-19 therapeutic the world needs to see through these dark, blurring-together days.” Boil the Ocean throws Lucas Puig’s name in the hat for S.O.T.Q. — Skater of the Quarantine. And after that Biarritz edit, we are inclined to agree ♥

Thoroughly enjoyed this #longform interview with Michael Burnett about where Thrasher is in 2020 — at nearly 40 years of publication.

“It’s beautiful to see a child discover love of craft. I feel older every time I help him practice, ragged and proud, but I know that on my deathbed, whether I’m on it next week or manage to stick around a few more decades, I’ll think about my little boy growing into an individual of great purpose during a time of pandemic.” — On watching your eight-year-old son fall in love with skateboarding in the coronavirus era.

I remember skatin’ the spot with the whole team, now we can’t ’cause of COVID-19 ♫ Genesis put together his first iPhone edit in a minute.

A Hi-8 Mark Humienik part, with a couple lo-def repeat angles of highlights from Bronze’s It’s Time.

Caught this one via a @steffybigpotatoes IGTV upload. Elijah has a very sick line at the now-defunct ledges by Rockefeller University to close it out, but the whole thing is a solid watch that recalls the not-so-distant ~normalcy~ of skating around New York.

Tape God also dropped off some VX clips at Goodwill for IGTV. Features Phil Rodriguez, Powers, etc.

TWS has a feature about catching airplanes in the BGPs of skate photos. They’re all amazing, but the Evan Smith one is so insane that it practically looks fake.

Our friend Brad Rosado also made a solid edit of some new-generation D.C. dudes for TWS.

Kei put together two B-side edits of the Homies Network dudes: Part one, part two.

Time for some Jinxful progression and expansion.” Quarantine seems like a tough time to skate house spots in L.A.

The Tribeca Film Festival page for Jeremy Elkin’s upcoming All The Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997) documentary is now live.

Always been a fan of that nollie inward heel. Joe Cups posted up some Lurker Lou footy from the Lurkers 2 days, when there was only one “New York video” being released every couple of years. He also has an alternate edit of Charles and Sasha Lamb’s part. What a time capsule.

Quote of the Week: “Top 10 is the only way I know what day of the week it is.” — Isak Buan

Filmed & edited by Emilio Cuilan ♥ ♥ ♥

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