Still waiting on Antonio Durao’s loading dock part

Surprised that the one surviving Up Rail outside the impound in midtown isn’t more of a modern skate video fixture given the uptick of ride-on grinds. All that and more in volume six of Brad Cromer’s still predominantly New York-based “Storytime” video series.

Loved every minute of it! Kevin Taylor and the Scumco dudes toured through the backwoods and office plazas of Upstate New York for a fun new edit.

Great part that might’ve slipped under your radar: Evan Goss Baker in Miss Penn, skating predominantly the types of mid-Pennsylvanian cities that Jerry Mraz talked about in his recent interview.

A Quim Cardona cameo and bit of a “Welcome to the Team” thing for Carl Aikens in “TONY,” the Toronto and New York trip video from the nu-age Chocolate team. No footy of the ollie on 59th Street yet though…

A wild Bond Street ender to cap off Lovers, the new full-length video from South Carolina’s Blue Tile skateshop — not to be confused with Toronto’s Blue Tile Lounge skateshop ;)

“Hearing people talk about how ‘they wish skating could go back to how it was’ is as cringy as Democrats who want the United States to go ‘back to normal.’ […] Looking backward can provide a path to move forward but living in the past is pretty much terrifying and counter to productivity. Understanding the mindset of those who wish to time travel may not do much other than highlight their stance as obsolete and jaded.”

Jenkem has a breakdown on Jason Dill’s art talk at Arizona State University.

Joe Cups has been digging through his old Hi-8 tapes and put together this one from summer 1997. Features a lot of footy from the original Riverside Skatepark, but also a good deal of street stuff.

Where would fashion be without the Osiris D3?

Spot Update: Not sure how recent this is, but the city removed the blocks on Broadway across from Columbus Circle (adjacent to the bike path.) As a consolation prize, they left the worst one.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: That Jaylen Brown shot!

Quote of the Week
Intoxicated Gentleman: “Buenas noches!”
Bodega Nightshift Worker: “I’m from Yemen bro.”

Quick recent rap mix from Crazy T. We’re working on a spiritual sequel to Chilling With Friends — due out when it is… a lot warmer out ♥


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