Sketchy Month

Johnny Wilson, who once commandeered the mid-2010s’ most seminal Vimeo account, has been dabbling with YouTube uploads. The most recent is a compilation of Max Palmer frontside noseslides that he has filmed yielding a portrait of one man’s journey to contort a single skate trick to the most perverse lengths imaginable.

“The best part about going pro when your 30, is you have 3 years to get a job at one of the big corporations before you turn into a contest announcer.” Can’t remember the last time someone going pro made people so happy. Congrats again to Jamal ♥

Gustav Tønnesen channeled his inner-Wes Kremer and got what may very well be the last trick filmed at the Rector Street Bench in his new Adidas part.

TWS has the Jasper Stieve part from the Jersey-based Sportsman Shit video, which is very rad, and somehow made a varial flip crooked grind look …good?

“I decided to make a Zered allusion for ‘Verso.’ Because Zered does that thing for New York where he just sessions a spot. He never seems to be looking for that one specific trick to film, he just does the tricks he’s doing. So I wanted to do that at a few spots and Pyramid just became one of those spots for me.” Mark Suciu has a new Chromeball Interview.

Village Psychic paid a visit to Carpet Company down in Baltimore.

Our friend Ruben Spelta has a bit of a “Welcome to the Team” section at the end of this Magenta trip to Italy video. (Though one may suspect that a lot of the best clips got saved for the Adidas part that premiered in Milan but hasn’t made its way online yet.)

Boil the Ocean began its countdown of 2019’s best video parts.

If you ever wondered what the greatest collection of skate memorabilia looks like — here is a 45-minute tour.

Never saw this Stevie Williams footage before. Kind of a trip that he’s 40 now, but time has a way of flying and whatnot :)

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Sometimes you just feel like… jumping over Kevin Love.

Quote of the Week: “Just because Nik Stain skates fast doesn’t mean you have to.” — Jesse Alba

You know what they say about big boards… ;)


  1. i was actually talking to a friend about this the other day. i don’t understand why gustav isnt held to the same level as suciu by people. every bit as good and versatile if not more creative. what he lacks in jumping down shit he makes up for it power. i’m sure the euro factor has a bit less to do with that but feels like that doesnt even matter anymore.

  2. so what y’all are saying is you really like suciu’s haircut?

  3. Gustav may have a man bun but he forgoes making references to book publishers that hold intellectual capital (Verso books) and skating to Beirut…Mark is obviously a skate prodigy but that whole quirky liberal arts college (“come on ladies! i’m one of the good ones! ;)”) vibe that he’s got going on makes me cringe.

  4. Euro dudes have to play cultural catch up because they weren’t getting coverage at this level in the states until like 2012, which is when cross continental came out

  5. Manbun great haircut no just no Serbs please

  6. It felt unfortunate that he didn’t “get it” but then sour solution 2 came out and showcased a world where manbuns are ok and well, to hell with everything else- let this decade burn. Gustav 2020

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