Sketchy Month

Johnny Wilson, who once commandeered the mid-2010s’ most seminal Vimeo account, has been dabbling with YouTube uploads. The most recent is a compilation of Max Palmer frontside noseslides that he has filmed yielding a portrait of one man’s journey to contort a single skate trick to the most perverse lengths imaginable.

“The best part about going pro when your 30, is you have 3 years to get a job at one of the big corporations before you turn into a contest announcer.” Can’t remember the last time someone going pro made people so happy. Congrats again to Jamal ♥

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R.I.P. Rector Street Bench — A “Summer Trip to New York!” Clip Staple

Just a few months into mourning the loss of the Financial District’s 12th best spot, we are forced to bid adieu to the Financial District’s 13th best spot.

The Rector Street Bench was quite possibly the only place in the Financial District that you had .01% chance of getting kicked out of — rendering it a staple of “Summer Trip to New York!” clips throughout the 2010s. Earlier this week, we learned that it will not be joining us in the 2020s.

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