#QSTOP10 — May 10, 2024

An incredibly slow week on the QS frontpage, an incredibly Euro-centric week on the countdown, and an incredibly bad week if you’re the body of a New York Knicks player.

If you follow Vague and Free, you’ve seen …most of it.

The pool coping Philly step is at Blue Park. If you grind it, you owe John Cruz a beer next time you see him. Thanks John! Have a good weekend.

Original Clips:


Intro via @minrath01 [link]
10) Igor Nobre via “Relics” part [link]
9) Sebastiaan Vijverberg via Poetic Collective’s “Fairyland — Part 1” video [link]
8) Marco Kada via Volcom’s “Industrial Screw Up” video [link]
7) Roman Pabich via Umaverse’s “Brasil Mixtape” video [link]
6) Cato Dobbs via Thunder part [link]
5) Matisse Banc via Volcom’s “Industrial Screw Up” video [link]
4) Brian O’Dwyer via “Final Fair//BD2P by Carson Reuther” [link]
3) Adilson Pedro via Butter Goods’ “Ginger Shot” video [link]
2) Ronnie Kessner via NB# “Cherish” part [link]
1) Julius Rohrberg via Dancer “Son of Thor” part [link]


Previously: May 3, 2024


  1. Re: Tom’s:

    A 40-minute video that came out at 1 P.M. on a Thursday isn’t making it to a thing that’s live at 12 A.M. Friday, as has always been the case.

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