Cracks & Crevices

Nah Yeah is an all Long Island video by Duran Murphy, which is a twenty-minute deep dive into a scene that we too often only associate with the most obvious names + an annual trip to the Rosyln Banks/pool. It’s also crazy how much a dude switching between éS, Etnies, Vans & Osiris in a single part stands out in 2019. Also, shout out to Mook.

A bit north and to the left, we have Concerned Citizen, a rad 15-minute video filmed all around upstate New York: Rochester, Elmira, Binghamton, Ithaca, et al. Noticed a lot of Homegrown tees and boards, so assuming they have something to do with it :) We really need to make it back up there next summer. “What the FUCK does ‘really’ mean?”

Throughout the 2010s, Budapest’s Rios crew has been prodigious in avoiding every fashion, travel, editing or music trend in skateboarding, while putting out a new video every couple of *months*. Their latest is “Áh, buki,” which is a trip edit to…Kosovo’s capital city.

The average lifespan of an American male is 78 years, and this anything-but-average American male is on a quest to drop-in 5050 grind every single rail in America before his 78th birthday: Chris Milic’s part in the Frog Skateboards video, Killer Skaters 2.

Don’t have a ton of info on this video, but noticed a good deal of S.F. + N.Y. spots. The cruise through the crowd and ollie into the handicap ramp line was really sick too: “lemons,” by Kyle Remondino. Spotted via Skate Jawn.

“Contact” is a quick Tokyo section from Tino Del Zotto with a beast fakie flip at the end ♥

Marcus Pulvermacher’s “Full Circle” video has a nice handful of clips from Genny, Caleb, and an Ishod cameo.

Kids are really good these days, man. And they don’t get kicked out of Big Screen!

“I realized: This is going to be the sentimental Baker Skateboards video.” — Mike Munzenrider has some thoughts on digesting Baker 4 as an adult with kids over on Village Psychic.

December marks the after-black bonus section of skateboarding’s Oscar season. Mark Suciu has an iPhone part over on Thrasher, much of which is filmed around the city.

Monster Children interviewed Bill Strobeck about his show over at Milk Studios, “My Lovely Mess.”

The Café Creme blog interviewed S’Nice alumn and videographer, Waylon Bone.

Here’s a raw footy reel from “Third Worst Video,” which we linked in full last Monday.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Jokic plays basketball like the heavy-set dude who smokes weed at the spot for 95% of the day, then will get up, do a 20-foot-long switch back tail bigspin going 2 mph, and then sit down again.

Quote of the Week: “Hot 97 is actually getting me mad psyched to skate.” — Emilio Cuilan

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