Who Got The Link?

“That has been my wallet since I got it from Alien in 1994.” If you are under the age of 25, Fred Gall’s wallet is older than you, as per the TWS “Skatehoarders” video where he runs through his board collection. Also a reminder that Freddy’s Bobshirt interview is still one of the best anthologies of skate storytelling from the past decade.

Sometimes, a good vibe is all you need :) “Ceelo Champs in the Field” is a really rad 13-minute video via a bunch of dudes out of Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s comforting to know that these types of close-knit friends videos will always exist (and have always existed) for as long as skateboarding does. There’s a decent bit of New York footage, too.

“Third Worst Video” is a fun edit by Lloyd Richards, filmed almost entirely in the city, and is def not the third worst video. Sk8rs ♥ that Tweet song.

Tonal” is the latest web edit from Grand Collection, which plays much like a Spencer Hamilton part + Grand in Japan edit with some cameos in-between from Connor Champion, Dana Ericson, and Buggy entering the switch hardflip hall of fame at the Fort Greene monument.

Mackenzie carries over his “15 Things You Didn’t Know” series from Skateboarder magazine to Jenkem with “16 Things You Didn’t Know About Gino Iannucci,” who apparently has never tried a frontside 360 in his life. (Same.)

Here’s a quick promo for the upcoming Sabotage video, filenotfound.avi.

Skateism has you covered for life-affirming videos about the power of skateboarding in far-off parts of globe from which we are often otherwise only sold fear-mongering narratives. Their latest “Collectives” episode chronicles the budding skate scene in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Sulaymaniyah.

Yaje Popson’s favorite skater is the guy who started it all with a manual. A lot of praise for that INFMS part and the corresponding lyrics as of late

Someone made a playlist of the Top 10 parts from the Reader Survey + a bonus Johan Stuckey part.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: If you were flipping through the channels, didn’t know much about the NBA circa 2019, and stumbled on this, er, um, uhhhh… Hornets-Bulls game from the other night, you’d be inclined to assume that Zach Lavine is the best player in the league. That is the most insane final minute of a regular season game in a lloonngg time.

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Should I AirDrop you my switch front blunt?”
Josh Velez: “What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? Submit it to America’s Funniest Home Videos?”

Watched Horny this weekend for the first time in a while, and it has held up so well. Not sure many people had it in mind as a full-length when we did the Readers Poll, but it is undeniably one of the seminal web edits of the past decade: Cyrus skating to Tweet (yeah, “Third Worst Video” is what inspired me to revisit it ♥), braces-era Genny footy, Antonio before hair-GRoEth, Olson’s lines down the fives, Jason Byoun’s Chinatown ollie, Franco’s step-off kickflip x dropping the tweaker @ Joe’s Pizza Park, and of course, Max’s kilty through the Avenue D bump-to-bar. Brings back memories of a really special and sweet time :)


  1. I always wondered what the story with them shoving that guy was and still am five years later.

  2. JW’s Vimeo defined the 2010s for many reasons: 1. the medium of “uploading” skate content 2. Highlighting NYC at a time of nascent skate popularity 3. Highlighting NYC at a time of post-recession transition (trap music, construction everywhere, new/old spots, art students, BK sprawl) 4. The ubiquity of Nike sponsorships (QS CORE is a classic!) 5. All those guys are respected pros/brands now 6. Supreme glowed up in the 2010s brought different energy to the scene “BANGIN ON MY CHEST!!”

  3. It was five years ago, so maybe I’m messing up details, but…

    He came in all hot screaming, “you’re the assholes that shot a skateboard into my girlfriend’s foot!” …which we weren’t.

    We tried to explain to him that a lot of people skateboard, that it wasn’t us, and that he should probably leave us alone. He refused, grabbed a trash can lid, and started heading our way wielding it like he was about to hit someone with it (you see him holding it in the video.) He didn’t get shoved *that* hard, it was more of a “get away from us” shove, after verbally insisting he do that ~50x. He exaggerated the fall a ton to make it look like he got beat up or something. Everyone left. He was totally fine.

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