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Fall QS merchandise is arriving at U.S. & Japanese shops now. Check your local shop’s IG for availability, and our stockists page for a local QS dealer (that page actually needs to be updated, tbh.) Arriving in Canada, Australia and Europe this week and next. Fall 2019 gear will be available in our webstore next Monday, October 28th @ midnight E.S.T. (So technically Sunday night.)

You have 72 hours left to vote in the QS Readers Survey about the best parts and full-length videos of the 2010s. We’ll have the results for you in November ♥

Merry Christmas from Ben Chadourne, creator of the QS office’s two favorite Paris edits: his latest is ten minutes long, entitled “BOOM,” and features just about everyone you’d expect to see in a Ben Chadourne Paris edit. (“Paul is ok.”)

The Philadelphia-based Vanish video is now online in full.

Crusty hills, New Jersey house spots, and abandoned warehouses in the latest edit from Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters.

Prague’s Stalin Plaza is saved! For now.

Should have known they were in for trouble when he was skating Black Air Forces…

Not sure if anyone calls this place “Merriam Playground” and not “that concreted over bank-to-ledge in the Bronx” — but Krak put together a quick trick history video of it. Buy Jerry a beer next time you see him if you’ve ever clipped up here.

Grey has a photo feature of the Polar team in Europe’s most expensive and fun skate city this past summer ;)

There’s a mini New York section towards the end of Kyron Davis’ raw files from the Nike SB Trust Fall video.

TWS has been slowly uploading full issues of 411VM to YouTube, and #9 is their most recent addition. It’s a particularly #relevant outing for the most nostalgia-tuned corners of the QS universe: the New York Metrospective is in that issue (Supreme is a “new shop” at this point in time, as per the narration), in addition to first-ever intros from Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, and Drake Jones + coverage of a Love Park contest. What a sweet, innocent time to be alive ♥

Also kinda relevant to that era on the east coast: Theories chatted with Ricky Oyola and his art director about remixing some of the old Illuminati graphics into new Traffic boards.

“The sub-cultural creativity of skateboarding that was once socially peripheral and even subversive, is now recognized as possessing the hallmarks of self-starting creativity necessary to weather the capricious precarity of the globalized world.” Or something.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Playing an entire season pregnant.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman in a WalMart: “You could probably pull those pants off.”
Kyota Umeki: “At this point, I could pull anything off.”

Have your wife cast a ballot, too!


  1. People might say it’s premature, but Vanish is fully on my five faves from the decade list.

  2. Oh my god I just remembered that the Dylan Gravis part came out in the 2010s. My entire list was as sham.

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