2014. Photo by Emilio Cuilan.

Truly elated that we can begin a Monday Links round-up as we close out the summer without a link to a petition ♥ There’ll definitely be some formal news coverage of the day — which turned into a T.F. reunion rather than a rally — but caught this slideshow from Eric Cruz on IG earlier if you’re looking for pics. We should do a T.F. reunion the Saturday after every Labor Day every year, no? Like Bastille Day, but for Tompkins.

Tyshawn Jones is on i-D magazine’s cover this month, and they put their feature with him online.

The governor of New Jersey has been making the media rounds as of late. Fred Gall is the guest on honor on The Bunt‘s season finale.

“Summer Trip to New York” edits are at peak-function when they remind you to always shoot your shot at that spot you got kicked out of the past ten Saturdays. Some success at various high-bust destinations in the Gridlock New York edit, live on Thrasher right now. Always chill to see clips on the photogenic steps at 135th and Riverside too :)

Some travel coverage from outside the mainstream circuit of skate trip destinations, via some non-mainstream skate collectives: 1) Rios, Europe’s Most Productive Crew™, went to Serbia (…I think?) for a new edit entitled “Szaltó.” We really gotta make it out to Budapest one of these summers… 2) Apparently, you can’t just bring a video camera into Morocco, but people beat the system anyway. Snack Skateboards has an edit and a Skate Jawn article about a recent trip through there.

Theories has an “Inside the Skater’s Studio” thing with Brett Weinstein about his part in the Chicago-based Deep Dish series.

Quick teaser for the new Sabotage video, due out next year.

5 seconds of Brian Brown > no seconds of Brian Brown. We need a part baby!

“Because White Claw is brewed like beer, it’s taxed like beer, which is important because beer is taxed in the U.S. at a much lower rate than spirits.” One of those “nothing to do with skateboarding…or actually, maybe everything to do with skateboarding” inclusions to Monday Links that I found pretty interesting: How tax policy gave us White Claw, one of the most inescapable features of summer 2019, whether you drink the shit or not.

Quote of the Week: “Damn, can’t believe my flyer made the city change their mind.” — Charles Rivard