The Dime Live @ Stadium highlight they DON’T want you to see! (Jk, they def want you to see it. Holy shit.) And obvs a late Monday round-up after returning from Montreal is practically a QS office tradition. Sorry for the delay.

Next Video is a full-length from Andrew Kennelly AKA @Dudesarecool5, filmed pretty much entirely in the city (minus the obligatory “Cali section.”) New Kyota part + plus a bunch of people you’ll recognize from skating around downtown…or Borough Hall. Village Psychic has a quick highlight reel of GIFs.

Just before Jake Phelps died, Zered recorded what would be the final interview on Thrasher radio with him as the host. They put the 30-minute conversation online last week.

“He said Nik Stain, so you can’t say Nik Stain.” Mike Gigliotti interviewed Nick Michel and David Clark about filming for Lotties’ Must Be Stopped video.

#Content for the generation that grew up on Photosynthesis and Mosaic / searched for Mr. Dibbs songs on LimeWire when they were 12: Memory Screen’s latest tribute remix of Danny Garcia footage.

It’s weird seeing Vans and Nikes in Huf clips now, but I get it, they’ve returned to being a clothing brand. ANYWHO, there’s a solid bit of New York footage in Tyler Bledsoe’s new Huf part. That CBS line has a simple beauty to it — in the Tyler Bledsoe sense of being simple, obvs.

“Belaboured” Boil the Ocean is the best Boil the Ocean — some roundabout pontification about Reynolds leaving Emerica via the rainbow prism of 6ix9ine’s court testimony last week. Can’t believe he even told on Owen Wilson

“The real affront might be not treading and defacing the board, but elevating it and only gazing upon it. Perhaps the test of spotting a faithful skateboarder is taking those cherished collectible boards off the wall, gripping them, and skating them.”

Some more good news! The mayor of Prague supports the preservation of Stalin Plaza as is!

Out the car window spot update via Vert God: the Liquor Store bump in Bed-Stuy (Buskwick?) had rails put around it. Now you really need hops to get over it.

Spitfire is hosting a contest with Tyshawn Jones at Blue Park on Friday. 2-4 P.M. Flyer here, and highlights from last year’s can jam here.

Quote of the Week: “The secret to New York is that you have to do everything on your own time.” — Alexander Mosley

A nice surprise for anybody who listened through that Rick Ross album this past summer and remembered that Gunplay is actually the best rapper. And he’s 40!