Thanks to everyone that picked up something from the webstore last week ♥ We caught up on shipping all of last week’s orders by Friday, so if you are worried something went awry, feel free to hit us up. Still some stuff left on there, and it’s supposed to almost hit 90 today, so perhaps you could use a new pair of shorts? ;)

DC, Skate Jawn and Village Psychic brought two pieces of plywood to Borough Hall, made a hip at the bottoms of the steps, and threw a skate jam last weekend. Has no one ollied the set yet?

Filed Under “It Would Be Nice If This Was 3-4x As Long” — Tom Knox and Jordan Trahan skate around London together, and Johnny put together an Insta-length compilation of Alex Olson loosies from the past several years.

Here’s an iPhone vid of Chris Milic, Nick Michel, and some other Frogs in S.F.

“But I look at it this way. If it makes us happy, it has value. If we love it, it is as real as that love. And with some love and happiness in our hearts, we might just solve climate change and cure cancer too.” Jenkem has a nice feature with Mackenzie Eisenhower that covers sixteen pieces of advice that he’d give after sixteen years of writing about skateboarding for a living. (#17: one of the greatest hacks to writing about skateboarding is not writing about skateboarding.)

“Is Quartersnacks still around?” Jenkem also went to Lenox Ledges with the director of the best skate movie, Bing Liu. Literally laughed out loud when he gave the girl his full star chart. (Have we fallen off with the updates that bad, or is he just too busy bouncing around film festivals to check QS?)

Somehow missed this really sick clip of new gen Paris dudes by Augustin Giovannoni last week, so here it is embedded to atone for the oversight. There might be “better” cities for skating in the world, but something about Paris clips — especially these past ~5 or so years of Bloby edits, Chadourne videos, et al. — that really rousts up the fomo unlike footage from anywhere else.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” is an 11:11 long iPhone vid by Josh Paynter that is shot around the city, with a dedicated Blue Park section at the end. Condolences to all Blue Park party members on the loss of all your boxes and supplementary obstacles this past week :(

This is a classic boring low hanging fruit “gee wiz time goes fast” observation BUT! It is crazy that Static 4 already premiered five years ago. Josh uploaded the video’s “Static alumni” section to YouTube.

Lou has three minutes of B-sides from his “Purple Shoe Lou” part.

Looks like the reconstruction of Riverside Skatepark has finally started, just in time for summer helmet season. It is slated to be completed next summer, and expected to look something like this. Thanks to Weiss for the tip.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Siakam x Kawhi making it a bit of a series in the east, because the W.C.F. sure looks like it’s ending tonight. And while it was before the Sports Desk was conscious of what was going on in the wide, wide world of sports, you should read this incredible Twitter thread about the first time the Knicks ever beat the [Jordan-less] Chicago Bulls in the 1994 playoffs, and how it would mold the shape of the NBA well into the 2010s.

Quote of the Week: “He doesn’t curse, he doesn’t drink, but he has the sickest Honda Element.” — Jesse Alba

No dude, we’re not gonna talk about that New Yorker article. We have shit to do and stories to file.


  1. Going to go ahead and assume that the plywood was *not* left at Borough Hall for us olds to enjoy?

  2. going to go ahead and say that you didn’t watch the video til the end

    no fucking way the cops would let that rock there, it’s not blue park. i’m honestly suprirsed they have let us skate boro hall relatively worry free for as long as they have.

  3. not quite…

    Raptors in 6. 6-God boost from games 1+2 at home with Kawhi somewhat rested, and they’ll adjust their defense- as they have to every other team in their wake so far…

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