Lurker Lou’s ‘Purple Shoe Lou’ Part

A running topic of conversation during Lou’s premiere / art show on Saturday was the unavoidable rant he was gonna go on when some company steals his idea of premiering a skate video on a box truck covered in L.E.D. screens. It’s one of those brilliant “how has nobody thought of this?” ideas that anyone would be jealous of, and all the more viable in an age when holding a skate premiere in New York is becoming an increasing pain in the ass. He already seems at peace with the inevitable though ;)

Lou swore off skateparks two-plus years ago, and has wisely observed that our days on this earth are far too numbered to waste away at Blue Park. Recent years have found him skating hellish-looking bank spots that my colleagues and I have zero interest in knowing the location of, that just over board-width slab of cement that runs down the entrance of Brower Park, and Chauncey Ledges — admittedly his only concession to the topsoil of New York skate spots — in an otherwise stubborn crusade to avoid any of the familiar trappings of 2k19 spot selection.

Village Psychic has the web premiere. Bonus Portugal section at the end, sponsored by Uber Eats.

With so much of the Vicious Cycle alumni still putting out solid parts, it begs the question: when is the new Brian Brown part dropping?


  1. word. would pay my hard earned american currency for a 2019 dose of b. brown stat.

  2. Flew into NY a few summers ago from Indianapolis to skate around. I was pretty scared. First spot I ended up going to was that blue basketball court with the ledges. Tons of skaters were there flubbing back 3s completely ignoring me – except Lou. He had on purple shoes, came right up to me and said I had a good nollie inward. We skated flat til it got dark. Nice guy, good perspective, and a great part <3

  3. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to put yellow days in a skate video

  4. Yes to vicious sequel…
    gotta get Dharam Khalsa back to do the best line in the video

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