No Griptape in Paris

“I took so much acid that I started riding l*ngb**rds.” The governor of New Jersey has a sharp memory and is endearing as could be in yet another Bobshirt longplayer classic. Tons of stories about S.F/Philly/New York in the nineties, his mom taking him to *the* Banks contest, and plenty of memories about some legendary names.

We live in a place we are often convinced is the center of the world, despite the fact we all fall victim to the same merry-go-round of spots, tricks, ideas, etc. “Steel” is an incredible ten-minute video by Adam Bos filmed throughout that vast state above — in zones that are closer to Toronto than Brooklyn — and feels more refreshing than a lot of what our center-of-the-universe selves have been releasing as of late. Also…do we do another “core” tour? ;)

No other skate crew has logged more hours on the always en vogue corner of Howard and Crosby Streets. “Mean Streets” volume eleven from LurkNYC is now live.

There’s 7,000 articles out there about the rise of Small Brands™ over the past ~five years, but here’s one about the rise of Small Brands™ focused specifically on women.

Listen the Skater You’d Be Most O.K. With Your Daughter Dating get slut-shamed by Cephas and use the F-word on the latest episode of The Bunt.

Happy ten year anniversary to skateboarding’s Library of Congress A.K.A. The Chrome Ball Incident. Chops celebrates a decade with an interview, tons of stories and some raw clips from World Industries’ earliest filmer, Socrates Leal.

Aaron Herrington reminds you that Diego Najera nollie flipped over Black Hubba, and then had the audacity to follow it up with a switch varial heelflip eight feet over the top of a picnic table. P.S. He nollie flipped over Black Hubba.

Gonz skates around downtown with a white spine ramp for Adidas and Krooked’s collab. They better have left all of those things at Tompkins…

Yonnie Cruz’s lost part from Chocolate’s 1995 video, Las Nueve Vidas De Paco.

ICYMI, E.T. has his first-ever interview over on Thrasher.

Bummed we missed the House of Vans Calgary pop-up / Alltimers premiere, but also we got to host a legendary sporting event that weekend so it’s ok. BUT, if you’re the photo recap type, here you go.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: A 68-year-old beat the Warriors by himself.

Quote of the Week: “I don’t know why they even bother giving customer copies of receipts in 2018.” — Conor Prunty

Also, somebody nollie flipped Black Hubba.


  1. With due respect to Maine, the cities of Albany Syracuse Rochester and Buffalo are historically important. 1. The Mohawk Valley is the northernmost pass of the Appalachian Mountains and prime setttlement land as its flat and fertile. 2. The Erie Canal functionally changed the North and allowed Upstate NY to prosper both in trade and of course during the Civil War. The NY State Capitol building cost $25M to build in 1867, compared with the US Capitol which only cost $1M at the same time. 3. The Mohawk Valley further benefitted from the rise of railroads in the 1900s, since the land was flat and connected NYC to the Great Lakes. A lot of the civic architecture in these cities were built and conceived at the same time and by the same people who make Downtown Manhattan fun to skate.

  2. That Vice article (as most are) is pretty bad. Andrew Murrell has been posting on Theories as of late and has ruined the site for me. There is a small handful of people (boil, snackman) who can write about skateboarding. The people who do know how to write wouldn’t waste their time on it. Writing about skateboarding is usually pretty lame. Patrick O’dell addressed this in Thrasher back in 2001. The people who are going to be interested in these articles don’t need to be told who Elissa Steamer is. It’s not like I look to skateboarding for any real news or to expand my vocabulary but damn those Murrell articles are terrible.
    “For decades, women’s place in skateboarding was questioned and downplayed by over used commas and the fact that not many women skated until recent decade.”
    Time to hit the ATM for a withdraw from skateboarding.

  3. For the next Core Tour SUNY Guantanamo should write the article. We can bring back Skateboarder magazine and he can write the tour article where all the captions are boring historical facts found on wikipedia. You feeling me? Remember those? The tour articles had nothing to do with the tour. Just some boring shit about settlers and then “bs nosegrind featured above.” The dude from Maine is probably cool and don’t give a fuck about NY but thanks n-e-way suny.

  4. Skateboarder? Never heard of it. The only acceptable East Coast skate media prior to QS are Metrospective, The EST videos, and maybe some Workshop footage or a 411 or two

  5. Ah right, people on the east coast need all of their coverage translated to video cuz the dumb motherfuckers can’t read. You don’t fuck with Slap, I don’t fuck with you. The manfuckingdingo ate your instagram story. “Maybe some workshop for a 411.”
    *pounds chest repeatedly* “easssss coasssss”

  6. Actually its quite the opposite most skaters on the East Coast actually go to school get real
    jobs and touch real paper w real people in the real world — hence the upstate NY comment that u found boring

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