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Monday Links are getting bumped for a day.

The latest Bronze audio-visual presentation is now on YouTube. Turns out the Bronze office really does use a 56k modem. Need some proper time to properly digest the sensory overload. So many feelings, so much confusion, so much joy, a few tears and even a few laughs. Didn’t Andrew Allen do that first?

Features Josh Wilson skating incredibly fast, Jordan Trahan stringing together many distant skate obstacles in unorthodox fashion, Shawn Powers looking wonderfully kempt and curated in the moonlight, Billy McFeely maintaining an odd life-long allegiance to that horrible high ledge at 20th and C, Rob Gonyon running through the six, Joseph Delgado including mid-2000s pre-Bronze Flipmode staple Pedro Garboza in his part, Chachi logging the first known line in Nike Foamposites, a career-best outing from Kevin Tierney, and Dick Rizzo making you yell drawn-out obscenities at your screen a few times.

Just a lot of emotions, man. Go to the Bronze webstore and buy things to help them pay back their $30K debt to Pig Wheels for production costs.

Ya, def.

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  1. hmm, i would like to buy stuff from them, but i live in Riga,Latvia (europion union).
    but they never answered for international shipping, would like to suport this, thank you for the video aswell.

  2. @eastereurope scum try the palomino, slam city or lost art. they stock bronze and ship to europe

  3. I would normally buy this dvd and probably a shirt but I never received my first purchase from their webstore (despite a follow-up e-mail on the shirt size from the Sidlauskas himself). I still fuck with their media but it’s hard to justify spending dollar billies on any of the gear when my day visions of wearing the logo tee throughout the office-space are just $32 (shipping included) day visions. About to press play on this video and I’m hyped tho.

  4. Were their themes inspired by Yung Lean or is it the other way around?

    Maybe something in the air

  5. that made me want to untuck my tee and buy a bronze shirt.

    this video has me dazed like that fuuuuuck, my world is in 480p now.

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