Flipmode 4.5

The homies over at Flipmode headquarters in Queens eleased the fourth quarter’s greatest pleasant surprise, in the form of a twelve minute video.

If you’ve been following the Flipmode franchise since Ryan O’Donnell was their star player, I don’t have to tell you that it has been a wonderful experience watching the squad go from a bunch of fourteen-year-olds talking into microwaves into the best bunch of skaters in the city. Derrick, Pat Murray and Xavier seem to be the only day-oners still left on the team, but the roster has grown into a thing of beauty over the years.

I can’t exactly say I’m a huge fan of the ambient soundtrack or the interludes, but the video itself is a wonderful product. You should watch it if you haven’t already.

It almost makes me motivated enough to start updating this site.


  1. wasn’t really feeling the jilloti video. it was just like workshop artsy stuff! greg hunt uses seagulls, jilloti uses smoothies. i dont give a rats tail about your protein shake. the skating is work shop is betterer. theres on guy one the tyeam jake jefferson he really good. i think has he super powers and he looks like a giant bug…Praying Mantis. that othe video,flipchode, just too much music and people being exciting for nothing. if you tink about what aa skateboard is. It’s just a picec of wood with some meatal screwwed on and four wheels. big Whoopty du!

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