A Flipmode video to end the year off…

Photo by Brian Kelley

By some strange stroke of fate, Peter has concocted a video project to aid us through the first half of winter, and tallied up 2010 as the third straight year in a row of making some of the finest local multimedia available. Longer than Sognar, but shorter than Trife, Caviar has parts from Bill Piece, Pedro Garboza, and others that were largely missed from the preceding project, in addition to keeping the crew’s traditional roster (McFeely, Shawn Powers, Kevin, etc.) This may be the second time this year that Flipmode has fallen victim to video pirates, as this video seems to have been ripped from a video cassette that was originally a collage of taped evangelical daytime TV shows, Larry Johnson’s four-point play, and scenes from New Jack City. The locations in the video only fuel the fact that there are still tons of spots left in New York, all you have to do is look harder, or employ San Franciscan approaches to hillside spot discovery before you start complaining about how everything is gone. It has been a really good year for local videos.

(The video offers some ominous hints at the Billy Lynch disappearance mystery, but no clear solutions. What is it with Long Island and the perpetual vanishing of its skateboard-riding residents?)

Features Rob Gonyon, Shawn Powers, Pedro Garboza, Kevin Tierney, Bill Pierce, Luis Tolentino, Patrick Murray, Joseph Delgado, Danny Falla, Jamel Marshall, Dylan James, Mike Burch, Amadeus Estrada, Xavier Veal, Derick Ziemkiewicz, Phil Rodriguez, and Billy McFeely.

Part 2 embedded below.


  1. These guys suck and are extremely overrated. Also, they aren’t funny and i’ve seen much better work. Props to the director, but everyone else can eat shit.

  2. @james kelch.
    1. your not james kelch
    2. watch a 30 second.HD josia gatyln commercial if this concept is too flashy, overdone, flamboyant, or exaggerated for you.

    @ Find Out. its all about location boy, these men make things happen where logic says it shouldn’t work. you’ll never ‘find out’ though, because you wax skateparks

  3. Does this website ever give credit to skateboarders NOT from new york? It wouldnt kill you to compliment someone from the west you know. Seeing how thats the capital of skateboarding and all………Sure your spots look cool but shit

  4. this site definetly mentions outof towners all the time. you cant comprehend the videos your commenting on because your not from here and you dont get it.
    { NYC video = NYC locals }.
    how is the west the capital of skateboarding when your on an Eastcoast website crying about how you dont get complimented enough… you soft

  5. Uhh. My favorite skateboarder is Mike Carroll, my favorite video was made by Girl, my favorite company right now is Real, and I interviewed Alex Olson a few weeks ago. You are aware that there are plenty of non-niche websites like this one that deal with skateboarding at large, right?

  6. I didnt mean to sound like i was hating, i like this site. But i just think it would be cool if you guys switched it up every now n then to give a east coast perspective on something that’s not the east coast, that’s all.

    And I GET it. I have skated nyc dc and philly before, but you guys arent the only ones who have to deal with sketchy spots, they’re everywhere don’t be fooled.


  7. X Veal Patty= Swag Swag Swag Swag SwaG
    Woop Woop Woop Woop Woop

    Hoes on Peter’s dick cuz he looks like Asher Roth

  8. how can niggas compare this to those film me videos? this shit is 1000000000000000000 times better. almost no hipster shit in this. FLIPMODE is beast!

  9. i would say this video can hold a candle to any skateboard related media out of new jersey, this would be the first time in a long time.


    Shawn Powers’ parts just get worse and worse but he’s still fun to watch. Everything about this video is great!

  11. he did fakie flip over a bench! I like most of his footage but sometimes it seems like he’s trying just a bit too hard. The fakie flip sticks out though. Apologies for the disrespect. This one will be on repeat (on fucking youtube!) for a while.

  12. doood that video was so fucking D00PE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. wax skateparks.. hah.. classic.

    billy lynch’s part was the best. He’ll be crushing it well after he stops skating. In the same way that 2pac and biggie put out more albums dead than alive.

    I could see powers pulling a lenny kirk well before he does a matt reason.

    skateboarders not from new york? never heard of them.

  14. i used to go with this girl..she was a fish..she made me chill in this small ass fish bowl with her..but now shes dieing..because max fish is dieing. shit makes sense god. yerrr! goodkrooks snack. smoke crack and stack but dont get the clap.

  15. damn this video was tight. McFeely ollie into the brick banks was crazy!
    shawn power’s ollies were on point!
    VHS old school looking thing is tight too

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