Weekend Viewing: Philly Santosuosso in OD WAVY


Anyone who saw the exceptional Butter Goods promo probably noticed that Philly’s part was one of the standouts — except that’s not his best output from 2014. Thom Musso A.K.A. The Man Who Films has slowly been uploading parts from his rather under-the-radar video, OD WAVY, on Vimeo this past week. Philly has the ender, which went up today, and is easily one of the best parts you’ll watch in 2014.

This guy operates a fully functional skate shop in one of America’s toughest-to-skate major cities (Remember: Palestine got a skatepark before New Orleans), and still manages to find the time to film a five-minute video part. Any excuses you may have for time away from your skateboard are irrelevant.

And though the Diplomats “Bout It, Bout It” remix may have been used in any number of forgettable montages, its legend has finally been cemented in the most legit 1/2 N.O. + 1/2 N.Y. part to date. There has never been anything this applicable until now.

“No water, only pumping Mountain Dew.”

Have a good weekend. Alternate YouTube Link.


  1. A few production notes:
    • Philly lives in New Orleans, I live in New York.
    • All this footage and the politic clip that dropped in summer 2013 was filmed in a total of 20 days spread across his visits here, a weekend we met up in Chicago, and my visit to NOLA.
    • 75% or more of these tricks were landed within 5 tries, the rest were within 20.
    • The Butter Goods part was filmed in a similar fashion over the course of 10 days.
    • There’s around 10 minutes of extra footage from those projects that’s just as #wavy.
    • The Master P doll in the opening sequence is the same one that was photographed for the board graphic Humidity put out in August.
    • The pole jam at 2:33 is 1 foot from the curb, 3 feet tall, and completely vertical. It now sits behind a 6 foot tall iron fence. Footage of the jam over that coming soon ;)
    • (((CIBER • WAVE • VOL • 1))) is coming soon as well.
    • We bout it bout it.
    Thanks again to Quartersnacks for posting this. You kill it.

  2. @what about Oh yeah, Scumco, I almost forgot.
    Philly had a welcome part with them too, also drawn from those same 20 days of filming.

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