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Monday links on a Tuesday (again.) Photo via Gnarcotics on Instagram

“If everything is bigger in Texas, then every t-shirt is longer in Canada.” There goes our merchandise department’s plan for releasing front print Snackman shirts in tall tee sizes to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of Thug Motivation 101 next summer. (Might do it anyway, don’t worry. Fashion goes in cycles. Let’s get it…)

Whatever happened to the rasta skater? How has no one followed in Matt Field, Tosh, and Adelmo’s footsteps? New skate nerdery website, SMLTalk, speculates that the industry just got too fast-paced for that relic of the mid-2000’s stoned out #vibez.

Bronze affiliate, Dick Rizzo, has a cool “Mag Minute” over on the Skateboard Mag site, edited to one of only three classic summer songs by a New York rap artist released post-2003 A.K.A. when New York rap ceased being relevant/good.

Cue up two dozen kids with pomaded hair, highwaters and tucked in shirts trying double kickflips over the trash can at Tompkins this upcoming weekend.

Striking a pose after landing a hot move on a skateboard didn’t begin with Dylan Reider. In fact, it’s not even partial to sleek silloutted, fashion-forward skaters — hip-hop white guys might be the greatest practitioners of “afterbangs.” Kingpin rounded up twelve of the most notable after-trick poses in skate video history.

Boil the Ocean is creating a mixtape, in blog form of occasionally under-appreciated, breezy summertime video parts. Are we on the cusp of skateboarding as a whole rediscovering Second Hand Smoke? Akin to how the past few years seem like they’ve been influenced by people rewatching the old Stereo videos again?

Thanks Supra, always nice to sit through 1:20 of “lifestyle” for one Stevie trick and then another thirty seconds of links to your other videos.

“Do you regret doing the movie Grind?” “I could write a book on this question alone.” Always happy to see that C. Fro is doing well. Never forget caveman crook down Bricktown. Surprised “weird” skaters haven’t been quicker to adopt that one.

Wait, Habitat made shoes?

“What the fuck is that doing there? Who puts a garbage can on a rail?”

Quote of the Week: “Black people drinking Blue Moon just looks weird.” — Ty Lyons

Maybe not a “petition” per se, but we’re launching a Twitter campaign to try and convince O’Dell to get to work on a Muska Epicly Later’d. If you’re on Twitter, shoot him a message. Probably be nice about it though ;)


  1. peace to the god chad fernandez, mans noseblunted skydome 13 back in,ike 02′

  2. Who is that kid with the dreads who skates all those alleys in Baltimore? Had a part last year I believe..

  3. Fernandez is a maniac.

    Californians are weird in general. I don’t know why they go around hatin’ on each other like they do.

  4. @Sleazy Bone – ah good call but I found the part I was talking about it was Jordan Gesko

  5. There’s tons of young skaters coming up on the dam am series in the last few years who are really nailing that rasta skater profile, some kids 16 and below and have been growing them for years and most don’t even smoke weed yet. Mind blowing but you wouldn’t see this in NYC, mainly every dam am stop in North America and Europe for that matter. More like of the new breed of super park Masonite Woodward bread destroyers with supportive parents that allow them to grow dreads in the public eye allowing them to be profiled by the local police in hopes that one day turning pro proving them all wrong. Run on sentence I know I normally don’t Internet blog- my covers already blown just my two cents on the up-and-coming “Rasta like” breed of skaters that dont smoke weed just train hard every day and make you feel old when they lap your training facility and don’t break a sweat

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