19 Degrees, Feels Like 8

lousy smarch weather

Late day Monday links update, sorry. Lousy Smarch weather, True Detective, etc. You know?

Labor has a restock of Marisa Tomei and Jesus Piece cruisers on their webstore, but they probably won’t be there for very long.

A lot of interviews went online this past week, and Frozen in Carbonite’s interview with Chris Franzen might be the best of the bunch. He talks about L.A. County (“We were just a bunch of rejects from the industry”), switch 360 flips over Cali tables off flat, and stuff about the business of skateboarding in the nineties that other interviews may be reluctant to address. Must-read for anyone who is a fan of that much mythologized decade.

The Dime crew compiles all the monumental achievements that have occurred while a skater was wearing a yellow tee shirt.

Kanye’s inane, more-calculated-than-people-care-to-admit rants seem to be the latest avant garde skate clip #musicsupervision choice, but when is someone going to edit a clip to DJ Khaled’s McDondald’s commercials?

Josh Stewart interviews Jahmal Williams. Jahmal must also be one of the most photogenic skaters ever — is there a single mediocre photo of the dude on a board?

Alex Olson stops being vague about his new company, Bianca Chandon. He also gives fair warning to all the good-looking boys out there wearing his Fire Island shirts about town. (“Have you ever really been to Fire Island?” #promiscuous)

A cool eight-minute throwaway reel from the past few LurkNYC projects.

Muckmouth interviews Peter Smolik over text (and we thought e-mail interviews were bad…) How could they forget to ask him about the most notorious selfie in skateboard Instagram history though?

Sometimes, dudes just want to skate in Bushwick ‘n stuff: Penny Pinchers II, a video 95% filmed around familiar haunts in Brooklyn.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Metta World Peace Ron Artest got bought out by the Knicks last week. The Artest era in New York was short, underwhelming, injury-ridden, and worst of all, a decade late, but to his credit, he did provide the team with possibly its sole highlight of the 2013-2014 season.

Quote of the Week:


Good luck to Roctakon out west. The QS crew and Dunions will miss u :'(


  1. True Detective is great, but that one episode when the dudes go Rambo off the grid didnt really work. The show is like The Killing, but better locations and better leads. Woody’s second jumpoff, the rape victim, is beyond sexy. She is sex. Sounds crazy? I implore you to peep that shit.

  2. 11 days into the Kickstarter for Stoops and we are doing great. $3,420 of our $20k goal. I would like to thank all the new pledges today: 1) Jeff Comber – Whether you are killing the photo game in the Great White North or the slice-a-day game in NYC, I’m always stoked to see what you have going on. Come back and visit when it gets warm. 2) Randy Lee – I don’t think we will have any Stevie photos in the first issue, but who knows about the future. You need to put that fool on to some Chocolate Thong for his next part though! 3) Matthew Allison – You have come a long way since I met you back at the Maloof park all those years back, but now you have learned so many new tricks and have been killing it with the Slappy/Sloppy Sundays Crew. 4) Gregoire Bloby’s Cuadrado yeah Gregoire! Holding it down for the Bloby’s and the best back 360s in the game! I’m so happy you came with us on that first Naysayer Tour! 5) Ryan Shea – From the first time meeting you as you were ripping Battery Park (the nosegrind from that day is in the Kickstarter video!) to you letting me crash with you in Boston, you have been fully solid. Keep killing it. 6) Alex Aho – Thanks again for hooking up the SLAP post, you single handedly helped get us some early buzz about this. AND you donated too. So legit! Thanks to all you others too. I don’t know you all personally, but totally should!

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