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Been slow around here for 2014, guys. Sorry :(

Any form of new Rick Howard coverage is skateboarding’s equivalent of an Andre 3000 guest verse. (Speaking of which…)

Alltimers tees now available at Supreme.

Chapman, New York’s longest standing skateboard producers, relaunched their website. It features an awesome archive of past boards, ranging from old Zoo decks, Supreme art boards, the short lived Illuminati Skateboards, and others. is a new project from the crew behind, which puts itself to the seemingly impossible task of cataloging all available skate zines of today and info on where to obtain them.

The New York rooftop montage from the opening of Tengu is now available online.

This Japanese guy has a really good kickflip.

Frozen in Carbonite on how P.J. Ladd is like skateboarding’s Bill Belichick — but actually, maybe how he is more like skating’s J.D. Salinger. Or some shit.

A brief, new interview with Bobby Puleo about spot preferences, neighborhoods, and never listening to O.C’s second album despite being a big fan of his first. (Jewelz is obviously nowhere near as good as Word Life but has some moments.)

Another quick interview: NY Skateboarding chats with Kevin Tierney.

New video log from Johnny Wilson and friends. Tricks on Houston Street construction are apparently still trending.

A detailed (!) interview with Rob Brink that might shed some light on what it’s like to work in the skateboard industry outside of sales, or you know, being pro.

New Bolts Hardware 4-5-6 clip with Chris Hart.

Non skate-related link alert! This GQ story about how Mexican cartels get drugs across the United States border these days is wild.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Well, Paul George did a 360 windmill dunk in-game, but…um, Ramon Sessions (yeah) somehow dunked on Lebron the next day…

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “She looks way better in photos than in real life.”
T-Bird: “Well, she was the hottest girl at Westway on New Year’s Eve…when I showed up at 5 A.M.”



  1. MNMFTB has probably already quit skating by now cuz they retro’d Jordan 3’s for the millionth time and he’s curently fighting the cold in a folding chair outside a south bronx footlocker

  2. Chapman makes the best decks, but I’ve never been able to find a comprehensive list of the brands currently using their wood. I know Zoo, Hopps, Shut, Iron Claw and Lockdown are currently made by Chapman. Anybody know any others? It’d be nice to support them.

  3. Franny and Zooey is indeed much better than Catcher in the Rye. Frog legs, diner martinis, and meditation. Ahead of its time. Short tome but packs a punch. What about Jason Lee’s fake 360 flip at Wallenberg though with the black high-water joints on and the Airwalk One’s? Steezo.

  4. Nice OC mention. Best line from Word Life, “cartoons on saturday, karate flicks and riding your skateboard or bicycle”. Shout out to Coach Ronnie Rickey.

  5. Thanks for the mention ( Yeah, it’s seemingly an impossible task, but made easier with everyone’s help, including your link. I can only add what I see or what others send me. So thanks again!

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