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Congratulations to Ishod Wair on being the first Thrasher Skater of the Year from New Jersey. (Side Note: Is Fred Gall just going to eventually get a “Lifetime Achievement Award” to make up for past wrongs a la Kubrick, Hitchcock, etc. never winning a Best Director Oscar?) There are always politics behind S.O.T.Y. (“You think you’re so clever for figuring that one out?”), but Ishod is a prime choice to strike a balance between what the kids like, and what the old nerds have left to still be hyped on in pro skateboarding. In other words, his appeal spans multiple generations. Going to go ahead and say his Sabotage 3 remix part is still his best part, and probably the best part of 2013, mostly because he looks best when he’s doing lines. We’re also partial to rap parts.

If you missed the web premiere of SB Chronicles 2, there is a 7 P.M. screening at Village East Cinema tomorrow (12th Street and 2nd Avenue.) Doors open at 6:45. The theater is small, so it is on a first come, first served basis. Flyer here. P.S. They’re going to play the QS “Best of 2013” clip before the video ;)

The new eight-minute Politic Skateboards promo, People’s Temple, is now online. Dave Caddo is the king of doing lines across an entire skate spot. A three-trick line at Con Ed Banks is nuts, given the ground there.

“The only way a group of guys are getting past a door is if they all have skateboards. (Note: L*ngb**rds or plastic boards are not applicable here.)” #NPBS

Our friend Mike Gigliotti put together a Vimeo bro cam clip of dudes having fun ‘n stuff. It includes a Miles Marquez part edited to Taylor Swift.

Detroit may have filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history this year, but at least skateboarding there looks pretty fun.

Yet another video blog segment from the Beef Patty squad.

This Casey Foley guy no complys over and down the three block on 135th Street.

The new Lurk NYC video, Loony Bin, premieres at 289 Kent on Thursday, December 12th. Doors at 8 P.M. Video at 9 P.M. New parts from Cyrus Bennett, Jason Byoun, and others. Flyer here. Preview here.

A Brooklyn spot that nobody really skated is a wrap.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Shumpert’s dunk was cool, Monta Ellis’ game winner was cool, but can we please get Nick Young on a team with J.R. Smith to form an irrational confidence super team? Watching the decisions they make would be more fun than watching any Knicks game from this season.

Quote of the Week: “Who would’ve thought there’d be a black American president before a black guy on Anti-Hero Skater of the Year?” — Guy Riza

This Mandela poster retrospective the Times posted is awesome, by the way.


  1. whens the re-edit of this horrible zoo york vid dropping so i can ignore chaz ortiz and focus more on Kevin’s random bangers

  2. again Snack comes with the truth. I’m an old nerd and dont usually like anything post “Mosaic” but Ishod Wair is my shit! (Silas and Busenitz keep it real but they are turning into veterans by this point, still by my standards they are “new” pros!)

  3. That Zoo video sucked. It was twenty minutes that seemed like three minutes. And this next statement wont win me any friends, but your man Tierney is not fun to watch. The last Zoo video was surprisingly decent, but not this one. They even managed to drop “Tres Leches” and still no banging.

  4. that video was 7 minutes, not 20

    them using “NEW YORK YO” songs for every song was pretty cheesy but its zoo

    we get it, new york, cool story

  5. I seen Ishod skate in person when I used to skate, he’s the truth- axstually the footage don’t do any justice. “Best ride I seen…best ride I seen”. Congrats to this dude- as for a Zoo vid/webcast/download….fuck outta here! Zoo should of put a vid out years before Mixtape, Was always harborin’ negative feelings over that sentiment yo’. On that real english construction of words in text, skating is insane. Peace in the 13′ shot see ya’ in that 14′ life…Nick Foles best QB in that game too son, no love for dog killaz. Pawn stars and Storage Wars 4 life, we see you in that antique flip all ova that greasy chedda wit or witout’ dat lil’ 2 dollars change-

  6. Can anyone explain Brian Brown was not in The People’s Temple, and also why he is not longer listed on the Politic website as a team rider? Spill the beans

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