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max ollie

Max Palmer A.K.A. Loose Trucks Max — Bar Ollie via The Local Weather

The no comply into slide game is getting mad real, huh?

Chief Keith, one of the QS office’s favorite skateboarders, now rides for Hopps.

Quim Cardona reveals that he was originally supposed to play Telly in Kids, and then skates around Brooklyn and Manhattan in this “Asphalt NYC” clip.

Gino, Kenny, Koston, Stefan and Zered doing skateboard tricks in New York for fifty-four seconds. Gino even pushes in it!

The Alex Olson picnic table .GIF round-up.

Two of these things are skateable. Get on it, IBM.

Take a trip back to New Jersey and Philadelphia in 2005-2008, and realize just how long Brian Wenning’s impact on fashion in the region hung around for.

Some of the sickest-looking skateboarding continues to come out of Pittsburgh.

Is house music in bro cam clips featuring mostly skaters who are 25+ going to turn into a “thing?” and the new Diamond Days clip might technically be more #street than the one that was supposed to be their return to the streets, provided we are still treating Fat Kid Spot as a #street spot.

Snack Skateboards (no affiliation obvs) comes through with one of the better “Summer Trip to NYC” web clips to come out this year.

Boil the Ocean makes the case for the frontside noseslide being the most “picture-esque” of slide tricks, via a recent example by Brian Clarke. Though not a slide, we’re partial to the frontside noseslide’s cousin, the backside 180 nosegrind.

Kukunochi Corp. has some scans of a Swedish magazine article about Polar’s 2012 trip to New York. Lots of cool photos, though no English translation.

Sigh: Part Two.

QS Sports Desk Headline of the Week: Iman Thug shaved his flattop off. End of an era. (Does anyone else have a horrible feeling that Dolan is going to force some moronic trade that involves Iman this season?)

[Anonymous] Quote of the Week:
“Yo ____, can I borrow $5?”
“I’m an illegal immigrant with no job. I’m the last person in this car you should be asking for money.”

Thanks to everyone who linked up the Brad Cromer remix. Have a good week.


  1. we call fs noseslides for photos ‘the deadline’. shortcut to style. fake it til you make it

  2. Quim Cardona, front nose on the rail, Reda photo.

    Danny Renaud, front nose down the ledge with a ripped back pocket

  3. Well now hey ya how y’all doing! Prop Joe here to let you know! Downplayin the fame while stayin on my game! Heh heh. In all seriousness now Snack, I’m glad you decided to give some shine to an area towards my neck of the woods. Check it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VElPxhM0BpI

    I once considered moving to Illadelp. I mean, skating FDR everyday, cheesesteak wid, and quick access to the Big Apple! But, I remembered that skating LOVE would be a bust, and I’d probably get vibed by Richie Loyola or somesuch heh heh. Plus, when you’re pushing 550 lbs, it’s hard to get on a switch crooks, feel me? Anywho, keep doing your thing! And are y’all gonna get some of those QS Coach’s Jackets in 8XL?

  4. Re: Some of the sickest-looking skateboarding continues to come out of Pittsburgh.

    Starring Stan Karbine as Brandon Westgate Jr? Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch, but the dude rips.

  5. Richie Loyola, I thought it was Ricky Oyola? The illadelph sucks, buncha TJ Maxx/Ross gear wearing wiggaz. Now they cross hybrid in em that intellectual urbanite shit with that 90210 meet’s 1950’s cutz. They all be on that shit brown mexi weed wrappin’ that crud with stale strawberry phillies. No son, you wrong as in not being correct. FDR is for extreme daggers that bleed that PBR life, only way dem t-hawk’s known that life. Sad cuz’ we shed that tearz for them and gone too soon-but they will, monetary gonna get some more crete for that new new DIY spotz. Only way they can shine now, everybody got they own DVD now, good thing it’s linked to Instagram and YouTube relive some shit-that old old. They all clones, really know what’s good on that? Like they’re altered DNA wise and actually replicated, it’s actually fucking insane. Been good, been done switch crooks in them swishies with those carolina blue Kalis’ and that DC flex fit to match. Got jacked for all my DUB gear at FDR, did a switch tre on flat in the middle of that park so real, haters went right at me…kinda “like whoa”. I hate Philly what a living breathing hell of sub humans. But on that real fucking talk-I’m still shine on-

  6. FYI: People sometimes impersonate others on the internet (there’s a MTV show about it), and that comment was not left by the real Jack Sabback.

  7. guess its who youre w in illy….but those peach/salmon above-the-knee hipster shorts are fucking rampant glad summers over

  8. jack did ollie that bar several years ago though, it’s strange because there were only 3 of us there that day. firefox??

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