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watermelons ss crook

Watermelons Switch Crook via Clark Hassler’s Instagram

Preview: Quartersnacks x Trukfit. Also is “Vine with a fisheye the new VX1000?”

A day at Flushing alongside Dipset’s 2002 Rap City freestyle.

Frozen in Carbonite reviews some books while drawing parallels to skating and stuff. “One could say that skaters born between 1972 and 1975 (Markovich, etc.) got screwed because they were too young to get in on that eighties money, yet too old to get in on the late 90s shoe/board sale boom.”

The Tennyson remixes continue. This time, it’s a Chocolate mini video with re-edited parts from Kenny Anderson, Chris Roberts, Gino and Richard Mulder.

Some guys from Beyond Skate Shop out in Finland came to New York and put together a cool montage.

A bunch of clips from New Yorkers below drinking age being productive: 1) Spring Intermission by Michael Elijah, which has a Rob C cameo 2) iPhone montage via Kasper. 3) Death Video Throwaways Vol. 7. 4) Tribeca montage via the Dunions.

Street League re-imagined on a curb.

The crew behind the In Crust We Trust video takes a trip up to Montreal.

Ishod does a huge backside flip in bright swim trunks, then crashes into a tree.

Tony Hawk’s first skateboard is now in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Anyone who kicked you out of a spot this past weekend is an asshole.

Palace eBay Watch: My dad bought a 1989 Toyota Corolla in 2003 for $300 and it ran for a good sixteen months.

Spot Updates: 1) There are two [likely temporary] small manual pads at the former Bubble Banks right now. Get some wheelies in while you can, because they’ll probably build stuff on top or around them. 2) There’s a doghouse / spine ramp thing at the BQE spot now.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Danny Green breaks Jesus Shuttlesworth’s record for most three-point shots made in a NBA Finals with 23.

Quote of the Week:

microsoft fucked up

How awful is the title of that new Jay-Z album? Not that there is any interest in the album around here either way, but the title is so particularly bad that it had to be mentioned. Either way, thanks for the memories.


  1. He’s too busy pouring me onto his adoring fans for a full part.
    Cherish his rare footage peasant!

  2. Hey man; if there’s one lesson we’ve learned about NYC skateboarding is that it doesn’t matter where you party or who you like fucking or how rich your parents are or if you’re from Connecticut and live in an apartment your dad bought for you and act like your good at filiming, etc; it matters if you can land tricks and aren’t a kook. Always thought Pryce was cool as hell, and he’s from Vancouver and that’s one dope ass city I know I’ve been there.

    Ciroc can’t be that good though, I agree.

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    I liked the glitter, and the stars and rhinestones.

  4. What do birds have to do with nail polish or is this like the whole obsession with Rihanna and being black?

    Tap the ciroc glass with long airbrushed fingernails?

  5. sage ellesser… so hot right now, sage ellsser. you nail paintin ass nigga. niggaz doing boneless’s SMH ODEEE.

  6. @philospher: thats funny because new york skating is as kooky as it gets. You guys are basically a bunch of women in camo pants.

  7. Not me with the camo, but you may have a point that NYC skaters (OG ones in particular, of which I don’t consider myself a bona fide member at all so consider the source) are pretty fashion-conscious and fashion-forward.

    I used to rock dickies a lot but then realized that the slacks and khakis I wear to work are cooler and much more fucking comfortable. So I just stock up on dress pants at Century 21. Other than that, the original TF uniform–black jeans white T with Vans (you can thank Matt Avedon and Aaron Zsott along with me for that look), and a Army/Navy Jacket/shirt thing.

    I’m not sure it’s as kooky as it gets; I’ve seen the grom squads in LA and that’s pretty harsh. Here at least you can go out like Shawn Powers in the middle of the night and skate without hassling with driving to a spot and getting carthritis.

  8. I tend to be a Nautica wearer, the Karl Kani man, the mister jig, notorious ready to die man.

  9. Its like Godzilla slamming Mount Fiji. QS under cyber barrage!! #SaveTheSnack. The ripples of Edward Snowden’s NSA finnagling has now reached the furthest corners of the inter-web. Its all happening, just like Noam “the cona linguist” Chomsky said it would. The prosperous few and the restless many.

    This time around the revolution will not be downloadable.

    Believe the Hype.

  10. Philisopher, you hit the nail right on the head with that bit about buying the cotton slacks instead of the dickies. Dickies have mad polyester, and that heats up something fierce during the summer. Also, fall going fast enough and them things will melt if you slide on the ground. I find barely used slacks in thrift stores in the fancy neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar. Plus, I can find a size 54 waist.

  11. Yeayuhh Haha. All these crab melts and pretzels at the Oriole’s games keep me plump, feel me? Picture how Ron Allen’s hair looked in ’88. Now, chop them dreads down to about an inch, add 350 lbs, and thats how ya boy be stuntin.

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