You chose to download Doodle Jump instead of the new QS clip? That’s messed up.

New York is the capital of wearing dumb tweed shit and trendy denim jackets while standing on a cobblestone street in hopes of ending up on a fashion blog. So, we all knew this was inevitable: A skate-themed Sartorialist spinoff blog called The Skartorialist. It goes without saying that Phat Stylez is way tighter.

Joe Cups, the man behind the Lurkers series, re-uploaded his mini-video She’s Lost Control / Ghost Dance to Vimeo. It’s a bit artsy, but there are a bunch of olden day Tompkins artifacts in it.

Hey, remember when Maxi Pads used skateboarding in an ad?

The crew from Familia Skate Shop in Minneapolis (who brought you Flow Trash) is dropping another video entitled Debris. Teaser here.

New spring clip from the After Midnight crew. Any line with a flip-in trick at those East River benches on 37th Street is impressive. Those have at least 10 things wrong with them. Features QS favorites, Akira Mowatt, Geo Moya, and Rob Campbell.

Some of you guys really need to stop smoking marijuana and reading the forewords to art theory books. Spotted here.

Spot Updates: 1) You can skate Penn Plaza again. They removed all the junk from in front of the manual pad. 2) Although it’s a minor spot, the three-stair then flat off Sutton had its runway blocked off with an outdoor seating area for the adjacent restaurant. It’s on the way to that downhill ledge against a fence, which also sucks. Spots that suck are mad popular right now.

INCREDIBLE YOUTUBE FIND: First off, thank you, for being the best skateboarding website on the internet. They uploaded an old War Effort commercial that features Andre Page doing a 180 up, switch frontside flip down over the Pulaski Park ledge over three gap, and a ramp-to-ramp 360 flip at the old Casino Skatepark.

New QS re-edit coming soon. Pretty good chance that it’s an Osiris Storm re-edit with 3x more paintball footage. (Not really.)

Fred Gall sits down with the crew at Brick Harbor and explains why he’s going sober. Seeing a transvestite beat up three dudes in Brooklyn central bookings is enough to sober anyone up. Freddy is also now on Twitter. Follow @DirtsWin. On that note…

Quote of the Week:

Shout out to Kevin Durant for officially ending the “Kobe era” of the NBA on Saturday night. All he needs to do now is keep the Spurs out of the Finals, so they’re actually fun to watch.


  1. Watching the Spurs surgically dismantle all comers has been really fun here in Texas, almost as fun as watching other teams who will not be named try to play playoff ball.

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