Standalone Uploads: Sage Elsesser & Aidan Mackey in \m/ and Rick Howard in Super International Tour Zone

June 4th, 2013 | 1:58 pm | Daily News | 45 Comments

sage nosegrind

Two cool videos surfaced over the weekend. Here are some highlights from each, conveniently uploaded as single versions to watch before skating.

\m/ is a video by Cooper Winterson and is over an hour long. A lot of embittered older bros might find it hard to get psyched off watching sixteen-year-olds skate, but at least Sage and Aidan’s skating takes notes from the simpler side of things and obviously Alien Workshop 3.0. (FYI: 1.0 = this, 2.0 = this & this, 3.0 = this & this, 4.0 = this?) Watching kids do cool 5050s and cruiser lines with big ollies is better than, say eight years ago, when your average “good” high school skater on the east coast couldn’t be bothered with anything besides a nollie backside bigspin down whatever ten-stair was available. Sage is likely known to some as “that Odd Future kid” (he’s had other New York-based parts, by the way), and Aidan is recognizable for having he most vibrantly-colored hair to ever set foot in 12th & A. They both rip.

Watch \m/ in full on YouTube

Okay, it’s safe to assume the guy making these forty-minute-to-hour-long Girl re-edits is a psycho — a brilliant one — but still a psycho. Even redubbing three minutes worth of skate noises for our Forrest Edwards re-edit was the most tedious process ever. This guy does it for over an hour, and organizes a decade-plus of footage with it at that. Is this what people are capable of when they live somewhere with absolutely no distractions?

Re-Edit of the Year: The Lost Mike Carroll Part in ‘Dog’

March 5th, 2013 | 7:08 am | Time Capsule | 7 Comments


This is coming nine months shy of list season, but it’s unlikely that any 2013 re-edit will surpass “Dog,” the 40-minute Girl and Chocolate B-sides video from The Tennyson Corporation. Girl should send these guys a sizable check, supply them with a lifetime’s worth of free skateboards, issue a recall on all Pretty Sweet DVDs purchased thus far, and replace those copies with new discs that have this edit as a bonus feature. What crazy person re-dubs 40 minutes worth of skate noises?

Yes, we linked it up last week. Other people did too. Somehow, it only has 15K views, and deserves way more attention considering it compiles loose footage of some dudes who might be done with putting out full parts. Though maybe not as exaggerated as “I’d rather watch Gino go grocery shopping,” the “I’d rather watch a part of Carroll / Rick / Koston / B.A. / etc. messing around than ___” sentiments are pretty common for the older crowd. “Dog” is the antidote for any person who was bummed that their favorite Girl or Chocolate rider over thirty didn’t have a full part in Pretty Sweet. It includes an incredible Koston section, a Devine Calloway semi-part, a surprise “I didn’t know he had this much B-roll” section from Alex Olson, and Mike Carroll’s five-minute ender, embedded below for easy pre-session access. There’s a Rick Howard part before it, so watch the full video here.

Thanks again to the great people who put this together. You deserve an Oscar.