Re-Edit of the Year: The Lost Mike Carroll Part in ‘Dog’


This is coming nine months shy of list season, but it’s unlikely that any 2013 re-edit will surpass “Dog,” the 40-minute Girl and Chocolate B-sides video from The Tennyson Corporation. Girl should send these guys a sizable check, supply them with a lifetime’s worth of free skateboards, issue a recall on all Pretty Sweet DVDs purchased thus far, and replace those copies with new discs that have this edit as a bonus feature. What crazy person re-dubs 40 minutes worth of skate noises?

Yes, we linked it up last week. Other people did too. Somehow, it only has 15K views, and deserves way more attention considering it compiles loose footage of some dudes who might be done with putting out full parts. Though maybe not as exaggerated as “I’d rather watch Gino go grocery shopping,” the “I’d rather watch a part of Carroll / Rick / Koston / B.A. / etc. messing around than ___” sentiments are pretty common for the older crowd. “Dog” is the antidote for any person who was bummed that their favorite Girl or Chocolate rider over thirty didn’t have a full part in Pretty Sweet. It includes an incredible Koston section, a Devine Calloway semi-part, a surprise “I didn’t know he had this much B-roll” section from Alex Olson, and Mike Carroll’s five-minute ender, embedded below for easy pre-session access. There’s a Rick Howard part before it, so watch the full video here.

Thanks again to the great people who put this together. You deserve an Oscar.


  1. that flatground kickflip in his downhill LA line deserves an Oscar for best supporting actor

  2. Right on for propping out this video, my man is super modest but The Tennyson Corp is just one guy and he’s superb at making skate videos as well as the act of skateboarding itself.

    Skate nerdery like this is much much more entertaining than 99 percent of what’s available for viewing these days and I’m stoked that guys like this and Manolo are taking matters into their own hands and saying fuck you to overproduced cheese by keeping it simple and rad the way it should be.

  3. i hope the girl and choc og’s sit in a room and watch this so they all stop making allusions to their imminent and inevitable retirements. the whole re-edit is insane. ridiculously good.

  4. Was everyone sleeping on final flare and super champ extras? This shits been out for a min. Good bundle though + hot tracks

  5. speaking of things worth watching, that DGK east coast clip is worth it for Stevie’s flatground varial flip alone

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