Sorry For Not Realizing How Awesome This Was When It Actually Came Out – Volume 2: The Kenny Anderson Pretty Sweet Tennyson Corp. Remix


(Volume one being the late pass on Chrome Ball’s Daewon interview.)

2013 had the odd distinction of being the first year when Girl and Chocolate weren’t indisputably the best skateboard companies in existence. That is not to say they weren’t still many people’s favorites or not among the elite — just that for the decade-and-a-half prior, it was them, and then everything else in skating following suit. A variety of factors are responsible: decreasing #relevance of the company video, a booming interest in smaller companies, and many of those who grew up with Girl and Chocolate adjusting to their favorites fading behind the scenes.

Those qualified to speak on the matter said Pretty Sweet was about the guys who never had Girl/Chocolate parts. Malto and Vincent Alvarez had been on for deep, and the video featured their first real parts, so it made sense. The thing that didn’t make sense is why Kenny Anderson, a dude who also never really had a full Chocolate section either, got relegated to shared part status. (Even though Hot Chocolate is great and has all the hallmarks of a “real” part, it’s still tempting to think of it as “Oh, that was a tour video.”) Lord knows Pretty Sweet was already long enough, but a “Kenny and Friends” part felt like an odd concession, especially given skateboarding’s current infatuation with handsomeness ;) ♥

Beyond being an antidote to anyone going through first and second generation Girl withdrawal, last year’s barrage of Tennyson remixes also remedied a lot of known issues with Pretty Sweet. They made a Kenny Anderson part, for one. (Plus they used an Al Green song straight out of the companies’ 1993-1999 “maybe” music supervision pile. Made it feel more Mouse than Pretty Sweet.) Snack Pack somehow got lost in the shuffle. Better late than never. Watch the full thing here. Follow the Tennyson Vimeo page, too.

A-list skateboard companies outsourcing reedits from fans is becoming less and less taboo. Is it really that unreasonable for Girl to mail this guy two hard drives of raw footage, a box of boards, and a few racks to re-edit Pretty Sweet in its entirety a la what DGK did earlier this week?

Onto more important matters…Who has recent history’s cooler post-trick turnaround maneuver: Kenny Anderson or Busenitz?


  1. Ones elegant Japanese martial arts, the other German engineering’s force. Apples to oranges.

  2. Tennyson Corporation! That’s pretty much one OG Oahu, HI skateboarder/videographer.

  3. Well now hey hello all, how ya been? Prop Joe back in businezz, trying to avoid the fame, while duckin them lames. I guess I feel these choices, they both good and everythiing. But it seems so effortless, feel me? I like watching skaters who seem to struggle a bit. Check out this jawn:

    And no, this isn’t me ( I wish though. Mad bowl skillz). Mad effort you know? Also, check out Jabari Pendleton. Ennyway, peace, love, and prosperity for 2014, Stay on your grind!

  4. Prop Joe, you died last week bud. thanks for coming back to tell us about skating.

    btw Jawn is a philly expression, not baltimore

  5. Crab Cake,

    I picked up jawn from my Philly cats. Crossing lines down 95, ya dig? Don’t get it twisted, I love Philly, but I stay B-More to the core, hehe. Peace, love, and Crab Cakes.

    -Your boy Joe

  6. What about Kenny’s turnaround at 1:04? That thing was awesome, at first glance it reminded me of Guy Mariano’s mouse turnaround (a.k.a. the most stylish non-trick in skateboarding history).

  7. I mentioned that KA line in the “most chill line discussion” a few months back. Validation feels good. And I liked the shared video parts in Pretty Sweet. It gives it more of a team vibe. In Pretty Sweet, even though the parts are shared, the riders are distinguishable. A shared video part works less when the riders are not as well known, an example would be Stee.

  8. Kenny Anderson for sure. Mostly because he didn’t use it to set himself up for his next trick; sometimes turnarounds are a no-no in my book (see Mikey Taylor in Skate More). And because any Kenny is good Kenny.

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